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The Best Places to See the Milky Way

Gureopdo Island
Gaemeori Hill
A total of about 20 residents live here. Gureopdo Island, one of Korea's best-preserved inhabited islands, was called by its shape, which resembles a person lying on their side and working. Gureopdo is an island that requires two boat rides from Incheon, taking about four hours. The island is difficult to access, but it is one of three sacred locations for backpackers, often called the Galapagos of Korea, home of wild animals like spotted deers. Visitors like to spend the night, sleeping in a tent on Gaemeori Hill, the path to West Island, watching the Milky Way falling over your head.
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    Gureop-ri Deokjeok-myeon, Ongjin-gun, Incheon
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Daecheongdo Island
Nongyeo Beach
Daecheongdo Island is located next to the famous Baengnyeongdo Island, meaning ships to and from Baengnyeongdo pass through Daecheongdo. Travelers who are tired of crowded spaces come here to enjoy its tranquil atmosphere and nature since it takes only three and half an hour from Incheon Port and it is less popular than other islands. The island's sand desert behind Okjukdong Beach, known as the Sahara Desert of Korea, adds to the exotic scenery. In addition, Nongyeo Beach of Daecheongdo Island located in the northernmost part of the West Sea hosts various strange rocks and bizarre stones. At night, you can see a starry night sky since free of light pollution.
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    Daecheong-ri Daecheong-myeon, Ongjin-gun, Incheon
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Baengnyeongdo Island
Dumujin Point & Sagot Beach
Baengnyeongdo Island, the northernmost island on the west coast, boasts a variety of tourist attractions. Dumujin Point, which has been shaved by the waves, rain, and wind for many years, offers spectacular scenery when the swirling wind causes seawater bubbles to soar into the sky and fall like snow during high tide. In addition, Sagot Beach, designated a natural monument, is known as one of two natural airfields in the world, along with Naples Beach in Italy because the sand is hard enough for airplanes to take off and land. This beach was used as an airfield during the Korean War.
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