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Walking course in the city center- Places filled with trees -

Incheon has various unique walking courses in the city center. There are a lot of old trees, so they serve as shade from the sun. Here are some walking courses that make you feel better while walking.
Neulsolgil Park
View Point: Cypress Forest Barrier-Free Sharing Path
Neulsolgil Park is a place where children can enjoy the facilities especially the children's playground. The Cypress Forest Barrier-Free Sharing Road is a forest bath made of cypress trees, and the entire 1.27km section is made of ramps, making it easy to walk. There are sheep ranches and lakes, offering a variety of attractions.
* Sheep Farm Operating Hours-Summer 8:00~18:00 / Winter 09:00~17:00
Incheon Jungang Park
The Jungang Park is a popular park for citizens to enjoy the forest even in the center of the city, cleaning the air and controlling the temperature. It is connected to a total of 9 districts, making it a very large park in the city center. There are many sports equipment and the heart fountain is also famous.
Subong Park
Subong Park, located under Subongsan Mountain, is a beautiful place to see the sunset and the night view. It is also located in a high position, so you can see Incheon city at a glance. The park has a walking path surrounded with old trees. In addition, there is a playground where children can play, and there are many things to see in the middle, such as a memorial tower and various monuments.
Songhyeon Neighborhood Park
Songhyeon Neighborhood Park, located in Dong-gu, is located around the Sudoguksan Museum of Housing & Living, where has an exhibition hall that shows the old appearance of Sudoguksan. It is a place where you can experience life in the 60s and 70s. There are a variety of attractions like the flower vines tunnel trails, and the view of the gorgeous yellow and orange zinnas flower garden. There is also a playground where children can play in the water in summer.
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