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Walking course in the city center-Places with amazing sea views -

Incheon is a good city to live in with various walking courses in the city center. In particular, there are walk trails that you can walk along the sea, so you can have a good time with the beautiful sunset.
Songdo Central Park
Songdo Central Park, located in Songdo International City, is the first seawater park in Korea. The 4km long walking trail centered around lake offers a panoramic view of the city center and nature. The harmony of the hanoks in the forest of skyscrapers creates a unique atmosphere. The hanok Village has various restaurants and cafes, and a space where you can enjoy water leisure such as boats and kayaks.
Solchan Park
Solchan Park is a place where you can take a walk while enjoying the scenery of the coast of Incheon and the sunset. There is Caisson 24, a cultural complex where you can enjoy coffee and meals while listening to music. There is also a performance hall, where you can enjoy small concerts and gala shows. If you take a walk, you can even feed the seagulls, giving children a new experience.
Wolmi Park
Wolmisan is the battlefield for the Incheon Landing Operation, and has become a paradise for natural forests and wild animals as public access has been restricted for half a century. In 2001, a walking trail was created, and Wolmi Park was reborn. This park not only provides a place to rest, but also allows you to see the history of Incheon, such as the Wolmi Traditional Garden and the Museum of Korea Emigration History. There is an observation deck at Wolmi Park, so if you go up to the 4th floor, you can see the gateway to Incheon Port.
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Jayu Park
Jayu Park is Korea's first Western-style park. It is the place where the statue of General MacArthur, famous for the Incheon landing operation, is located, and there is a monument to the 100th anniversary of the Korea-US diplomatic relations, so it is a monumental park that goes beyond a simple green space. When you go up to Palgakjeong, you can enjoy a panoramatic view of Incheon. You can see the oldest sycamore trees, which is a protected tree, by walking along the trail.
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