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An Island of Beautiful Snow Scenery Tranquil and Beautiful Islands in Winter

Dongmak Beach
A Frozen Beach
Dongmak Beach, the widest sandy beach in Ganghwado Island, is known as one of the world's five largest mud flats. So it is a very special place to experience a mud flat. Centuries-old pine trees are lined up behind the sandy beach. It is famous for its beautiful sunset as seen from Bunori Dondae next to the beach. In the cold winter, the sea freezes over like in Alaska, and the sunset reflected on the ice surface offers a great view.
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Yeomha River of Ganghwado Island
(The Floating Ice)
Gapgot Fortification
The Yeomha River, located between Ganghwa-gun of Incheon Metropolitan City and Gimpo-si of Gyeonggi-do Province, has been a strategic point of maritime transportation for generations. It has also been a key military site, used to block foreign powers for many years. In the cold winter, floating ice is formed on the river, making itself a unique landscape. You can see the Yeomha River when you climb up the Gapgot Fortification, an important fortress in Goryeo Dynasty, which protected the Ganghwa Strait during the war with Mongolia
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A Winter Sea of Sinsimodo Islands
Sugi Beach
Sinsimodo Islands have three small islands, Sindo, Sido, and Modo, connected by a bridge. It is a favorite spot for cyclists. Particularly in winter, sea waves near Sinsimodo Islands are frozen, offering a unique landscape. Among the islands, many people visit Sugi Beach in Sido Island since the water depth is low and it is surrounded by dense pine forest.
Seonjaedo Mokseom Island (Ongjin)
Sugi Beach
Seonjaedo Mokseom Island can be easily visited when the sea parts twice a day. Mokseom, the most beautiful island in Korea as chosen by CNN in 2012, is a small island that takes less than 30 minutes to travel around. During the winter snows, the Island and the sea parting are covered with snow, which makes for wonderful scenery.
Janggyeongni Beach at Yeongheungdo Island
Janggyeongni Beach was formed by gravel sand and a 100-year-old pine forest which people love to visit. When snowing in winter, you can enjoy a different landscape with snow piled up around the wind generators. It is also famous for the sunset view from the pine forest.
Simnipo Beach (Yeongheungdo Island)
Habitat of Carpinus turczaninovii
Yeongheungdo Island is the second largest island in Ongjin-gun, after Baengnyeongdo Island. At the northern end of Simnipo Beach, a 900-pyeong, centuries-old Carpinus turczaninovii surrounds the beach. The Carpinus turczaninovii grows wide to the side, and in winter the leaves fall off, adding to the unique winter atmosphere.
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