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Along the Coastal Road - Yeongjong Island / Songdo-

Incheon's coastal roads are just as beautiful as the East Sea and Jeju Island. This includes the Yeongjong Bridge, which you must pass through to get to Incheon International Airport, the Incheon Bridge that can be seen from various observation decks, and the Songdo Coastal Road where you can enjoy the beautiful sunset along the coastline.
Yeongjong Bridge
Yeongjong Bridge is the world's first self-anchored suspension bridge connecting Incheon International Airport, the hub airport of East Asia, and Incheon City. The bridge is a 4,420 m long and double decked structure that can be crossed by cars and railroads. You can see the Incheon sea just by crossing the bridge going to Incheon International Airport. At the rest area of Yeongjong Bridge, you can see food stalls as well as the Fortune Bear which is registered in the Guinness Book of Records as the world's largest steel sculpture. You can also see the west sea and mud flats.
Incheon Bridge
Dubbed as the “highway over the sea”, the Incheon Bridge is 21 km in length and currently the longest bridge in Korea. Considered as one of the world's three most beautiful bridges, many people go to the surrounding observatory to see the Incheon Bridge especially its beautiful night views. Light display changes every season: green in spring, white in summer, yellow in autumn and red in winter. The pylon with combined inverted Y-shape and diamond-shape also adds to the beauty of Incheon Bridge.
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Songdo Coastal Road
You can look at the blue coast while running along Songdo Coastal Road starting from Solchan Park. There are not many cars compared to the other coastal roads so you can enjoy the cool breeze of the west sea while you run and relax leisurely. At night, you can enjoy the view from Central Park, full of skyscrapers that emit colorful lights.
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