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Incheon Seen from the Observatory Deck

G-Tower Observatory
Songdo & Incheon Bridge

G-Tower is a building that stands out among many wonderful buildings in Songdo by its triangular shape as if cut with a knife. The International Organization GCF Green Climate Fund’s Secretariat and the UN branch are both located in G-Tower, and 17.8% of the building's total energy consumption is self-produced from renewable energy such as solar light, solar heat, and geothermal. On the 33rd floor, there is the G-Tower Observation Deck, where you can see Songdo and Incheon Bridge through the windows.
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    175, Art center-daero, Yeonsu-gu, Incheon
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    Weekday 10:00 ~ 20:00
    Weekend 10:00 ~ 18:00
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Oseongsan Observatory in Incheon
International Airport
Incheon International Airport

The Oseongsan Observatory of Incheon International Airport is located at Yeongjongdo island, which has terrific views. Inside the observatory, the Incheon International Airport Corporation, the history of Incheon International Airport, and the today and the future of Incheon International Airport are introduced with smart equipment. From the outside of the observatory, you can see Incheon International Airport, the largest hub airport in East Asia, as well as watch the planes taking off and landing.
Incheon Bridge Observatory
Incheon Bridge & West Sea

OceanScope was constructed with ship container boxes with the idea representing Incheon as Korea's principal logistics city. It also won an international design award called the Red Dot Award. Framed under the theme of “Incheon Bridge, the West Sea, and the West Sky,” you can view Incheon Bridge from three containers facing the sea. Large and small exhibitions are held in the two containers facing the city center, which serve as permanent exhibition spaces.
Ara Tower and Ara Maru Observatory in
Gyeongin Ara Waterway
Ara Waterway

Gyeongin Ara Waterway opened as the first and only inland canal in Korea to connect the offing of Incheon with the Han River, but the volume of water remained at 8% of the original transport plan. This left it utilizable for water leisure activities and tour programs instead of the originally intended canal function. There is an observatory on the 23rd floor of Ara Tower where you can see the West Sea, Ara Waterway, and the entire Cheongna area.
Ganghwa Peace Observatory
Yeseonggang River of North Korea & West Sea & Hwanghaenam-do Province

The Ganghwa Peace Observatory lies closest to North Korea near the Military Demarcation Line, so you will need to bring your ID card. When viewed from the observatory, the Yeseonggang River, the mainstream of North Korea, flows downstream to Hwanghaenam-do on the left and Hwanghaebuk-do on the right. On a clear day, students from North Korean elementary schools can also share the view. There is an outdoor viewing platform next to the observatory, which is always open so that separated families who miss their hometown can bid offerings to their ancestors.
*Fee(KRW) : Adults-2,500/ Teenager/ Soldier-1,700, Children-1,000 / with ID cards
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    797, Jeonmangdae-ro, Yangsa-myeon, Ganghwa-gun, Incheon
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    From Dec~To Feb 09:00 ~ 17:00
    From Mar ~To Nov 09:00 ~ 18:00
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Incheon Yeonan Pier Observatory
Yeonan Pier

Yeonan Pier, the gateway to Incheon, was created by reclaiming sea with soil to develop Incheon Inner Harbor in the late 1960s, a measure necessary to deal with the rapidly increasing trade volume. The marine plaza at Incheon Yeonan Pier, a symbol of friendship between Incheon and Russia, is also called St. Petersburg Square. Here, there is an observatory building to view the scenery of Jung-gu, including fishing boats anchored at Yeonan Pier.
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