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Traveling Incheon with the Maglev Train

The Maglev Train is a train that runs every 15 minutes between Incheon International Airport, Long-Term Parking Lot, Administrative Complex, Paradise City, Water Park, and Yongyu Station. The first commercialized magnetic levitation train in Korea and the second in the world powered by magnetic force floating 8mm in the air. It is less noisy, free to use, and quite comfortable to ride. Here are some of Incheon's spots where you can travel by maglev train.
Incheon International Airport
Terminal 1
Incheon International Airport, the hub airport of Northeast Asia, is the starting and ending point of the maglev train. You can take the Maglev Train from Incheon Airport Terminal 1 Station. When you arrive in Korea or return to Korea, explore a new Incheon with the Maglev train. In addition, there are various things to see and eat at Incheon International Airport.
Long-term Parking Lot Station
A long-term parking station is a good place to know if you are traveling through Incheon Airport. You can park your car here and go to Incheon International Airport via the shuttle bus or a maglev train. If you take a maglev train and depart from Incheon International Airport Station, it is the first place you see, and you can look down at the numerous parked cars spread out in the parking lot.
* Usage fee: Small cars 1 hour-1,000 won, 1 day-9,000 won / Large 30 minutes-1,200 won 1 day-12,000 won
* Based on compact cars: passenger car, bus-15 people or less, freight car-maximum loading capacity of 1 ton
* Based on large vehicles: Bus-16 or more, freight vehicle-exceeding the maximum load capacity of 1 ton
Administrative Complex Station
Incheon International Airport Corporation and the government administrative complex are located at the Administrative Complex station, which can be met by using the maglev train at Incheon International Airport. Also, Grand Hyatt Incheon, which is located next door, is a great hotel for a vacation. In addition to the rooms that maintain a pleasant environment, you can enjoy various activities such as indoor sports zone, heated indoor swimming pool, children's activities, and the wildflower garden.
Paradise City Station
Paradise City Hotel, the first complex resort in Northeast Asia, has a variety of entertainment facilities such as a casino for foreigners, a dining show, and a safari park. The casinos are exclusively for foreigners. When passing through Paradise City Station on a maglev train, the misted window installed to detect the location of the hotel and protect privacy is activated.
Water Park Station
At the water park station, you can explore the Incheon Airport Flood Control Reservoir. There is also a walking course where you can enjoy sculptures and the 5-star Nest Hotel.
Yongyu Station
You can get to Masian Beach in 10 minutes on foot from Yongyu Station, the starting and ending point of the Maglev Train. At Masian Beach, enjoy the pine trees gathered and the beautiful sunset over the West Sea. There are many restaurants and cafes with good atmospheres near Masian Beach, making it a good place for romantic dates. In addition, there is the Yongyu Sky Observation Deck at the entrance of Geojampo to Muuido Island, where you can enjoy both the sunrise and sunset.
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