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Incheon Dulle-gil -The River / The Sea -

Incheon Dulle-gil consists of a total of 16 courses. Among them, we would be introducing three Incheon Dulle-gil courses that you can capture the water essence.
(Namdong Ecological Nuri-gil)
View Point: Sorae Wetland Ecological Park
Sorae-gil, the Incheon Dulle-gil Course 6, follows the stream of Incheon from the rivers to the tidal flats. Along Jangsucheon, cherry blossoms bloom in spring and foliage appear in autumn, allowing you to feel the change of the seasons. After passing Jangsucheon, you will find Sorae Wetland Ecological Park, where the salt field that produced the nation's largest sea salt in the past is located. The distance is rather long, but the course is flat, so it is not a difficult walk.

<Course 6 Sorae-gil (Nam-dong Ecological Nuri-gil>
Incheon Grand Park-Jangsucheon-Dambang Village-Namdong Gymnasium-Mansu Water Regeneration Center-Sorae Wetland Ecological Park-Sorae Port Market
Coastal road
View Point: The Gojan Tollgate Overpass
The coastal road, Incheon Dullegil Course 7, walk along the path while viewing the sea and tidal flats. You can see the coasts of Namdong-gu and Yeonsu-gu, Incheon, which were created by restoring the tidal flats. Especially when you cross the Gojan Tollgate, the tidal flat spreading out on the coast is a spectacular sight. While enjoying the smell of the sea and nature, look to the side and take in the sights of Songdo International City. You can also see golden frogs and spoonbills at the Namdong Reservoir.

<Course 7 Coastal Road>
Sorae Square-Hanhwa Eco-Metro Apt.– Gojan Tollgate (the road in front of the driver's license test center) – Namdong Reservoir – Dongmak Station
Seunggicheon and Munhaksan Mountain
View Point: The view of Incheon city from Munhaksan Mountain
Munhaksan mountain, Incheon Dulle-gil Trail Course 8, is the trail connected to Munhaksan mountain\ connected through Seunggicheon which was recovered as an ecological stream. If you go along the 8-1 course, you can see Munhaksanseong Fortress, which is known as the place where Michuhol, the capital of Baekje, was located. When you climb to the top of Munhaksan Mountain, you can also see a panoramic view of the Incheon area. If the course is too long, the walk from Dongmak Station to Woninjae is sufficient to experience the beauty of this trail.

<Course 8 Seunggicheon and Munhaksan>
Dongmak Station Exit 2-Seunggicheon (Won Injae)-Seonhak Bridge-Seonhak Station-Beopjusa Temple-Munhaksan-Gilmajae-Samhohyeon
<Course 8-1 (same as course 8 until Gilmajae)>
Gilmajae-Munhaksanseong Fortress-Samhohyeon (Samoji gogae)
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