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Incheon Specialty Food Streets -Seafood-

Incheon, which embraces the sea, has special seafood streets. Although the streets are not as crowded as in the past, thanks to the long-established stores guarding them, you can still enjoy food made with fresh seafood.
Manseok-dong Webfoot
Octopus Street
Jjukkumi (Webfoot Octopus) Street is located under the Manseok Overpass, connecting Manseok-dong of Dong-gu with Songwol-dong of Jung-gu. Although it is just an old and modest place, many octopus specialty restaurants still remain. Woo Soon-Im Halmeoni Jjukkumi, the originator of Manseok-dong's octopus street, a culinary favorite for more than 50 years. There is a generous amount of rice for the spicy octopus that tastes like fire and the aroma of water parsley piled on it. Their generous quantities makes you feel the taste of a grandmother's sincerity.
Multeombeong Street
There is a Multeombeong (monkfish) Street at Yonghyeon Intersection where you can eat delicious spicy Multeombeong stew. Because of its ugly appearance and lack of flesh, not many fishermen wanted to catch Multeombeong. However, since it lacked cheap street food, they began eating Multeombeong.
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    Dokbae-ro 403beon-gil, Michuhol-gu, Incheon
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Yeonan Pier Baendaengi
At the Yeonan pier, there is a spring delicacy found on Baendaengi Street. Baendaengi is small, but high in iron and calcium, it has plump flesh and a savory taste. Baendaengi sashimi tossed with all kinds of seasonings and vegetables has a sweet and sour taste and is a popular snack that blends with many liquors. In addition, you can taste the baendaengi fried, grilled and many other ways
Hakik-dong Hongeo-hoe
In 1978, as the marinated redfish became famous, the number of sashimi shops in the area increased, creating a Hongeo-Hoe Street in Hakik-dong. The main menus are seasoned Hongeo-Hoe and steamed Hongeo. Rice with Hongeo-Hoe is also considered as a delicacy too. Also, Hongeo can be served as a snack when drinking makgeolli, a traditional Korean drink, since many people believe it goes well with makgeolli.
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