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Muslim-Friendly Incheon Travel Underground Shopping Mall

Bupyeong Underground Shopping Center, located close to the prayer facility in Bupyeong, Incheon, has recently been transformed into a space full of entertainment and sights as well as a gathering of various shopping items as a cultural tourism market. With various discount events and air circulation facilities for customer convenience and eco-friendly LED lighting, you can enjoy cheap shopping in a cozy atmosphere.
Bupyeong Underground Shopping Center
Bupyeong Underground Shopping Center
Bupyeong Underground Shopping Center, the first underground shopping mall opened August 1978, is the largest underground shopping center in Korea with more than 1,400 stores, and was ranked in the Guinness Book of Records with the largest number of stores in a single area in 2014.

Bupyeong Modoo Mall, the new name for Bupyeong Underground Shopping Center, is where you can easily find a variety of fashion clothes, miscellaneous goods, accessories, cosmetics, souvenirs, and specialty products.

From Bupyeong Station, you can easily find the Faizan-E-Madina Masjid Mosque and halal restaurants around the mosque.
  • AddressAddress
    Bupyeong –daero undground 7, Bupyeong 1-dong, Bupyeong-gu, Incheon
  • PhonePhone
  • Hours of OperationHours of Operation
    Daily 10:00-22:00
    Holidays: 1st and 3rd Tue (Red line & Green line) / 2nd and 4th Tue (Orange line & Blue line)
  • WebsiteWebsite
Inside the Bupyeong Underground Shopping Center
Bupyeong Underground Shopping Center-Guidance for inside the shopping center

Bupyeong Underground Shopping Center is easily accessible from Bupyeong Station by subway, and it is a space where you can enjoy shopping, sightseeing, and culture indoors conmfortably without being disturbed by hot, cold, or rainy weather.

As it is a large underground shopping mall, it is difficult for first-time visitors to find directions. However, there are leaflets with information in various places in the underground shopping mall, so pick one to avoid getting lost!

The guide map shows the lost and found center, elevator, and convenience facilities such as ATM machines, bathrooms etc in detail. The guide map inside the Bupyeong Underground Shopping Mall can also be downloaded from the website, but foreign languages are not yet supported.

For those who are still afraid of getting lost, the floor and ceilings give guidance in four colors: orange, red, green, and blue. If you use a guide sign on the ceiling or a cross-shaped sign on the floor, the exit number of the subway and the name and direction to major buildings are displayed in English and Chinese characters, so you can easily find your destination.

* If you have a lot of luggage, you can use the locker in Bupyeong Station near Exit 1 so as to enjoy shopping or exploring freely.
* Head to Exit 5, if you are looking for a breastfeeding room or lounge in the underpass.
* If you want to shop around the spacious underground shopping mall, it is recommended to wear sneakers!
Themed Route Tour
Bupyeong Underground Shopping Center-Nearby Attractions
If your destination is any of the many attractions around Bupyeong Underground Shopping Mall/Bupyeong Mall, you can easily find your destination by following the subway exit number or the floor color. There are many things to see in Bupyeong, from the street where new cultures are fused in various forms to the market that boasts history and tradition.

Bupyeong Culture Street

If you use Exits 26, 28, and 30 along the red road, you can meet the youthful liveliness of Bupyeong Culture Street with street dance performances and busking. Every Saturday and Sunday, a flea market is held for jewlrey, home accessories, ceramics and many more. They also have 'Pyeongridangil' and 'Cheongnidangil', where you can experience foods and cafes from various countries.

Bupyeong Market

If you use Exits 20 and 21 along the blue floor, you reach Bupyeong Market, which has a tradition of over 70 years. It is a fun space where you can get a glimpse of the real life of local residents in a variety of affordable local dishes and the lively traditional markets.
  • AddressAddress
    360-68 Bupyeong-dong, Bupyeong-gu, Incheon
  • PhonePhone
  • Hours of OperationHours of Operation
    Mon-Fri 08:00-19:00 Sat 13:00-17:00
  • WebsiteWebsite
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