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Recommended Incheon Walking Trails -Baeknyeong Daecheong Geopark-

Baengnyeong-do, Daecheong-do, and Socheong-do, along the demarcation line, are an average of 12km from the coast of South Hwanghae Province in North Korea. Extremely rare rocks from the Neoproterozoic era (geologic period from 10 to 540 million years ago) and Korea’s oldest stromatolites (fossils generated by blue-green algae activity) can be explored. After the Korean War, Baengnyeong-do, Daecheong-do, and Socheong-do, enduring numerous threats as a base while protecting the West Sea, are the representative islands of peace.
Baeknyeong Daecheong Geopark
Baengnyeong Daecheong Geopark is a national geopark consisting of three islands of Baengnyeongdo, Daecheongdo, and Socheongdo. A national geopark is a park certified by the Ministry of Environment in order to preserve its geoscientific importance and beautifully landscaped area and utilize it for tourism projects.

You can have a unique experience called “Geo-Trail” walking through the geological attractions of each island. This is an activity where you can experience the special topography of each island with a guide. (Takes 3 hours) You will be able to feel the beauty, grandeur, and wonder of nature. The geological attractions Dumunjin of Baengnyeongdo Island, Daecheongdo Island Mia Beach, and Bunbawi Rock on Socheongdo Island were weathered and eroded from the strata and retain the appearance of the Earth created a billion years ago.

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