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Korean War History Tour - Korean War -

Starting June 25, 1950, South Korea went through a heartbreaking war with North Korea for about three years. The North Korean army occupied Seoul within three days and pushed it down to the Nakdong River. At this time, starting at Wolmido, the United Nations allies on September 15th, following the light of the Palmido lighthouse, helped to regain Seoul due to the “Incheon Landing Operation”,. As Incheon was the place where the Incheon landing operation began, and it retains the pain and wounds of the war intact.
Palmido Island was named because it looks like an eight, as the two islands lying north and south form the shape of the number eight during ebb tides. In Palmido Island, which has been preserving its natural form without human hands for a long time, lies Korea's first lighthouse “Palmido Lighthouse”, built in 1903. At that time, the light of the Palmido Lighthouse was a guide to the sea and played a decisive role in the success of the Incheon landing operation. Palmido Island has a well-preserved natural environment enabling you to enjoy forest bathing while wandering along trails.

* Palmido Island takes about 50minutes by using a cruise ship bound for Palmido Island departing from the coastal pier of Incheon Port. * The cruise schedule varies according to local conditions, so please refer to the website.
Statue of General MacArthur in Jayu Park
Jayu(Freedom) Park is Korea's first Western-style park, built five years after the opening of Incheon Port. There is a statue of General MacArthur, who succeeded in the Incheon landing operation during the Korean War. From the top of the Jayu Park, you can clearly view the coast of Incheon in the distance, so sit on a chair at Palgakjeong Pavilion and enjoy a great view of the Incheon sea. You can feel the history of Incheon by stopping in front of the statue of General MacArthur, take pictures, and take a walk around the area.
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