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Korean War History Tour -Military Demarcation Line-

Korea is still divided into North and South Korea, and Incheon is particularly close to North Korea, so it is easy to find traces of the Cold War. In this part of the trip, we learn about the pain of the division of the South and North, you must bring your ID to visit the destination. Before crossing the civilian control line, you must fill out a visit request form with the military police and obtain a visitation card to enter the site.
Gyodong Manghyangdae
Gyodongdo Island, located on Ganghwa Island, is a border area, only 2.6km from North Korea. A lot of displaced people who fled from Yeonbaek, Hwanghae Province during the Korean War gathered here to make a living. From Gyo-dong Manghyangdae, you can see where Hwanghae-do refugees put up and held yearly rites for their ancestors after being barred from returning to their hometown. Here, you can feel the pain of the division between the two Koreas.
Daeryong Market
Daeryong Market is an alley market created by residents, who briefly evacuated Yeonbaek County to Gyodong Road during the Korean War were unable to return to their hometown, to make a living. Named after a market in their hometown, Daeryong Market has been the center of economic development in Gyodong Province for more than 50 years. But its size has been reduced considerably as most of the old displaced people have died and the population has been rapidly declining. However, with the opening of the traffic bridge in July 2014, it has emerged as a public attraction as more and more people come to capture the appearance of Daeryong Market which is like a movie set in the 1980s.
Ganghwa Peace Observatory
Ganghwa Peace Observatory is a place where you can see the life of North Koreans at the nearest distance from South Korea. It was built in 2008 in the northern area of the Civil Control Line to restore national homogeneity and establish a foundation for peaceful unification. To the left of the Peace Observatory is Yeonbaek Plains, which extends widely into the coastal counties of Hwanghae-do and Baekcheon counties, and to the right is Songaksan mountain and Gaepung-gun, where you can see the life of North Koreans.

* Fees: Children: Individual 1,000 won, Group 800 won / Youth, Military: Individual 1,700 won, Group 1,500 won Adult: Individual 2,500 won, Group 2,200 won / Infants and seniors: Free
* Facility usage fee: 500 won for telescope usage (Usage time: 2 minutes)
The combined flow of Han River and Imjin River reaches the northeastern tip of Ganghwado Island and flows in the west and south. This place is famous for its superb views, even being selected as one of the 10 must-visit places on Ganghwa Island. When you reach this pavilion, you can see Gaepung County and Paju City in the north and Gimpo City in the east.
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