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Hansik Experience Centers

Introducing Hansik Experience Center where you can make your own traditional Korean food, try tasting it, and feel the Korean food culture. You can experience the lives of residents living in the area by making typical Korean food.
Michuhol Research Center for Traditional Food Culture
Michuhol Research Center for Traditional Food Culture is located in the Korean Food Experience Center in the Wolmi Cultural Center in Wolmi Park. A must stop if you have time to make food made with fresh seasonal ingredients while visiting Korea. There are various programs for making and tasting traditional foods (rice cake, kimchi, kimbap, pork bulgogi, and japchae). The experience fee varies depending on the program, so please make a reservation by phone beforehand.

* Refer to the website(Reservation Required)
  • AddressAddress
    131-22, Wolmi-ro, Jung-gu, Incheon
  • PhonePhone
  • Hours of operationHours of operation
    Daily 10:00~ 18:00
    Holidays : Open all year round
  • WebsiteWebsite
Yeonmijeong Village
Yeonmijeong Village is a village in Ganghwa-do, where locals provide accommodation, food, experiences, souvenirs with unique local characteristics, and many other services. You can take a walk along the village road and eat seasonal vegetables and lunch made by the elderly residents. By making turnip kimchi, making ginseng bugs, and making mugwort rice cakes, you can have a special trip as you hear and experience the lives and stories of the local residents.

* The minimum number of people is 8. (More than 9 people should inquire separately.)
* 43,000 won per person (tax included)
* Basic options: village walk, village meal, village experience
* Participant preparation: If possible, prepare long sleeves, long pants, hats for outdoor activities, and sunscreen
Doraemi Village
Doraemi Village, located on Ganghwado Island, means 'an island so beautiful you will want to come again'. They are making efforts to grow the future of the village together with rural areas and cities so that they have been designated as the best ‘farm-stay’ village. Doraemi Village has different activities that can be experienced in each season. In spring, you can make mugwort rice cake, hwajeon, and potato-glutinous rice cake, and in autumn, you can make turnip kimchi and sweet potato cake.
Package Experience: Making Turnip Kimchi (1Kg), Making Mugwort Rice Cake, Country Table 18,000 won

* Refer to the website (Reservation required)
  • AddressAddress
    1129-19, Haeandong-ro, Seonwon-myeon, Ganghwa-gun, Incheon
  • PhonePhone
  • Hours of operationHours of operation
    Daily 09:00 ~ 18:00
    Holidays : Open year round
  • WebsiteWebsite
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