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Chinatown Delicacies

Chinatown’s history began with the opening of Incheon Port in 1883. Following that, Chinese people settled in 1884, and many shops sprang up. However, the majority of it is now made up of Chinese restaurants. When you come here, you can taste the delicacies such as jajangmyeon, gonggalpan, and hongdubyeong.
Jjajangmyeon Museum
The famous jjajangmyeon was first made in Incheon. When the port of Incheon was opened, many Chinese came over and opened a Chinese restaurant in Jemulpo. Jjajangmyeon was born as a result of trying to make food that suited the taste of Koreans. With this motif, the 'Jjajangmyeon Museum', a theme museum containing all the information on Jjajangmyeon, was created. The former Gonghwachun building that first made and sold jjajangmyeon was remodeled, so you can see the appearance of a 100 years ago high-class restaurant . If you go to Chinatown, it would be a good experience to try the famous Jjajangmyeon and visit the Jjajangmyeon Museum.

* Fee: Adult 1,000 won, youth 700 won, children 500 won
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    56-14, Chinatown-ro, Jung-gu, Incheon
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Chinatown Snack Street
If you come to Chinatown, it is recommended to try delicious snacks such as the hollow gonggalpan and soft and sweet hongdubyeong. In addition to red beans, mango, green tea, and cream cheese filled hongdubyeongs are sold to suit the taste of young people, making it is fun to choose and eat. You can also enjoy fried dumplings baked in a fire oven, Tanghulu/fruit coated in sugar syrup, and lamb skewers. Chinatown snack street can be seen immediately after getting out of Incheon Station. 
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