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Incheon Dulle-gil -Open Port Area-NEWRTRO-

It is nice to look down from an observatory, but you can see Incheon in a different way by taking a cruise. On a cruise, you can spend a memorable day with fireworks, as well as enjoy various performances.

<Incheon Dulle-gil Course>

Lengthurse Length Duration
Course 11 Yeontan-gil 4.9km 120 minutes
Course 12 Seongchangpo-gil 5km 80 minutes
Course 13 Wolmido
(Wolmido Dulle-gil)
5km 70 minutes
Course 14 Wharf-gil 8.4km 130 minutes
View point: Sudoguksan Museum of Housing & Living

Course 11 shows the alleys of Incheon that are disappearing due to redevelopment. It is famous for the Woogak-ro Cultural Village, where artists and local residents engage in various cultural activities, Baedari Secondhand Bookstore Alley, and the Sudoguksan Museum of Housing & Living Museum, which reproduces the daily life of citizens living in ‘daldongne’ (the impoverished hillside areas). People still live in Daldongne so be careful not to cause any inconvenience.

<11Course Briquette Road>
Dowon Station-Ugak-ro Cultural Village (formerly Evangelism Hall)-Incheon Tax Office-Geumchang-dong Administrative Welfare Center-Changyeong Elementary School-Baedari Secondhand Bookstore Alley-Songhyeon Neighborhood Park- Sudoguksan Museum of Housing & Living -Dongincheon Station
View Point: Jayu Park

Meet Korean modern culture on Course 12. After opening the port, you can see traces of modern civilizations, and Japanese-style buildings and Chinatown are mixed to create an exotic landscape. While walking the path, stop for a bowl of Jjajangmyeon, tourists can visit Dapdong Catholic Church, go up to Jayu Park to enjoy the views of Incheon Port and many more.

Dongincheon Station North Plaza-Jungang Market-Baedari Intersection-Dapdong Catholic Church-Sinpo Market-Hongyemun-Jayu Park-Songwol Presbyterian Church-Gonghwachun-Open Port Museum-Jemulpo Club-Palgakjeong-Samgukji Mural Street-Incheon Station.
(Wolmido Dulle-gil)
View point: Wolmido traditional garden, Silo mural

Wolmido dulle-gil, the sea and mountains harmonize on Course 13, so you can enjoy the sea as you walk along the path. After the Korean War, Wolmi Park was preserved by military units and was recently the Wolmisan site was reopened and remodeled as a resting place for residents. Along the path, the Wolmi Theme Park and the Guinness World Records Largest Silo murals at the Pier 7 warehouse are also must-see points.

Incheon Station-Daehan Flour Mills -Wolmi Park Main Gate-Wolmi Culture Street-Wolmi Theme Park-Back Road of Museum of Korea Immigration -Yangjindang Road-Wolmi Park Main Gate
View Point: Sunset in Bukseongpo-gu

Meet the old pier of Incheon on Course 14. On this path, you can see the unusual scenery and the life of fishermen. Walk slowly along the alley in Manseok-dong, famous for the novel < Children of Gwaengiburi village>, and in hot summer, enjoy a delicious large bowl of naengmyeon in Hwapyeong-dong Naengmyeon Street.

Incheon Station-Daehan Flour Mills-Bukseong Pier-Dongil Textile-Manseok-dong Administrative Welfare Center-Hwapyeong-dong Naengmyeon Street-Hwadojin Park- Gwaengiburi Village (Manseok Elementary School)-Manseok Pier-Doosan Infracore-Hwasu Pier-Songhyeon Elementary School-Dongincheon Station North Square
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