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Recreation in Nature Forest Paths

Here are some of the Incheon forest paths where you can follow wellness practices outside of the city. It has easy to climb paths, so one can comfortably explore the paths. It is said that drinking in the phytoncide of the dense forest directly through forest experiences such as forest bathing increases immunity and is good for the health, so it is recommended to relax in nature.
Seeodo Wildflower Forest
(Seeodo Wildflower Front yard)
Seo-do guards the last view of the sunset on the western end of Seo-gu. Due to the lack of development, the natural scenery and preservation conditions are good. On the 5.7km Dulle-gil, the village hall is centered on the right side, the distance from the entrance of the village to the observatory is 1.5km, and on the left side of the pine forest path is the coastal path.
Manisan Healing Forest
The entrance to the healing forest path of Ganghwa Manisan Mountain has a walking path and a small park. The forest path, known as the pine forest gene protection forest, is a place where you can feel a lot of phytoncides. It is a good place to walk slowly along with straight pine trees and streams The walking path and pavilion, which was built around a large lake, are suitable places to recharge.
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Seopori Forest Bath
Seopori Forest Bath is made up of pine trees that are over 100 years old. It has been designated as a protected species by the Korea Forest Service. The forest path,full of pine scent, is made up of a deck road of more than 1km, making it a suitable place to walk among the pine trees. It is a place where the scent of the sea and the aroma of wood combine to bring freshness to the air.
Palmido Dulle-gil
Behind the Palmido Lighthouse History Hall in Palmido, you will see a walking path made of Sosa trees. Since Palmido is a small island, the course is not high or long, so you can walk freely. If you walk along the Dulle-gil around sunset time, you can also enjoy the thrilling sunset, which is counted as one of the eight scenic views of Incheon
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