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Incheon Special Food Streets –Grilled Dishes-

There is a street in Incheon that attracts people just by the smell of food. Here are some of Incheon's distinctive streets where you can enjoy fresh mackerel with a light taste, tidal flat eel, a specialty of Ganghwa, lobster full of flesh in autumn, and a variety of fresh shellfishes grilled to perfection.
Dongincheon Samchi (Mackerel) Street
Dongincheon Samchi Street was formed when an increasing number of shops started selling grilled mackerel. The first shop, “Inha's House”, began to attract regular customers with mackerel and makgeolli more than 40 years ago. So, if you look on the wall near Inha's house along the streen, Inha's grandmother and aunt, who first grilled mackerel on this street, appear in the mural. Among the other things sold here, mackerelbecame a popular menu item because of its popularity. Mackerel is one of the most nutritious fish, so if you grill it properly, the fat will be removed, and just the light meat leaves. This state makes it tasty and healthy Grilled mackerel and you can try the moderately seasoned mackerel at Dongincheon Samchi Street.
Ganghwa Deoreomi Eel Village
Deoreomi Eel Village is one of the fourth largest food streets of Ganghwa in Korea after Jeju, Geoje, and Jindo. Several eel houses form the village near Ganghwa Bridge. Ganghwa tidal flat eel is a little more expensive than freshwater eel. Mature eel grown on the tidal flat for more than 75 days has a firmer and chewy flavor. It is known as a high-protein, nutritious seafood, and most eat it as grilled eel. Eel porridge and fried eel bones are also delicacies.
Soraepogu Grilled Daeha (Shrimp)
In autumn, many people visit Sorae Port to eat grilled Daeha. Daeha, a large shrimp, has high mineral content and is rich in calcium, making it an excellent nutritious food for all ages. Daeha, which is grilled with salt on top of silver foil paper, is excellent for grilling due to its soft and chewy flesh. Seasonal treats with a subtle savory taste are used to create a delicacy as much as a splendidly prepared dish using various ingredients. When Daeha season comes, it is recommended to visit Sorae Port near the metropolitan area to have a taste of its grilled goodness.
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Yeongjongdo Grilled Clams
Yeongjongdo is particularly famous for its grilled fresh clams. The clams grown on Yeongjong Island's tidal flat are not only fresh but also delicious. Some restaurants grill the clams and serve them after removing the shells, making them easier to eat. So head down to grill clams while watching the sunset on the shore, the perfect atmosphere enhancing the taste.
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