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Coastal Dullegil Trekking Enter by Boat

Daeijakdo, Soijjakdo and Jangbongdo Island are islands accessible by boat. They are also famous for their well-made trekking courses, which are ideal for trekking, backpacking, camping, and riding. They are not big islands, but there are many things to see.
Daeijakdo Trekking
"Daeijakdo Trekking"
Daeijakdo's trekking course is built on a deck path that allows you to walk along a low mountain and coastal road. If you cross the Buasan Cloud Bridge, you can see the West Sea and Songisan Mountain. Although it is a small island, from the two peaks, you can see the amazing overall view of the west sea.  

*Daeijakdo Trekking Course
Course (approximately 1 hour and 5 minutes, total: 3.33 km)
Entrance of Keunmal Hiking Road - Road - Buasan - Road Section - Songisan Mountain - Keunpulan
Soijakdo Trekking
Soijakdo is a small island, but it has various trekking paths. It consists of the beaches along the coast and the forests, where many tourists visit. Along each course, tourists can capture memorable moments here with various photo zones and enjoy the island’s quiet atmosphere. It is also a place where you can see the mysterious sand island “Puldeung," from the observatory on a fine day.
트레킹 코스 코스 거리 소요시간
Gaetti 1-gil
(Finger Rock Course)
Finger rock-Deck road-Station Approx. 1.2km About 45 minutes
Gaetti 2-gil Bonghwajae Pass-Station Approx. 500m About 15 minutes
Gaetti 3-gil Station-Beolan
Approx. 2.6km About 1 hour 30 minutes
Gaetti 4-gil Station-Beolan
1.3km About 45 minutes
Gaetti 5-gil Station(Passenger Center)
-Puldeung Observatory
-Yakjinneomeo beach-Station
1.9km About 1 hour
Jangbongdo Gaetti-gil Trekking
Jangbongdo Island is said to be named because of its long island and many mountain peaks. It is one of the closest west sea islands to the metropolitan area along with Sindo, and is a popular destination for fishermen, trekkers and tourists. Gatti refers to an intertidal zone that is submerged in seawater during high tide and exposed during low tide. The 4th course of 7 Jangbongdo Gaetti-gil courses has a high degree of difficulty, but has good views. You can explore the beautiful Yunokgol, Jjokjjokgol, Gamakmeori Observation Deck and places to view the sunset along the coast.

*Course 4 Jangbong Coastal Trail (Travel time: about 2 hours)
Geoneojang-Yunokgol-Jjogjjoggol-Coastal rock formations- Gamakmeori Observatory
Sindo, Sido, Modo Three Brother Road –
Sido Sugi Coastal Trail
Sido is the most famous for trekking among the Three Brother Islands. You can camp on the coastal path and start walking from Sugi Beach. As you walk along the coastline, there is an observatory where you can see the west sea and the setting sun. You can enjoy Sugi Beach and the coastline of Incheon Island under the Sugi Observation Deck at the end of the coastal path.

*Sido Sugi Coastal Trail
Sugi Beach - Sugi Observation Deck
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