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Coastal Dullegil Trekking Seohae 5 Islands, Geopark

Let's explore Baengnyeongdo Island featuring Korea's coastline Nuri-Gil, and Daecheong-do designated as a national geopark, to get the best views of the West Sea. We listed some treks to distant yet lovely islands where you can truly appreciate nature's splendor.
Baengnyeongdo Coastal Nuri-gil
Take a breath of the sea air and appreciate the natural preserved appearance of Baengnyeong Coastal Nuri-Gil as you walk along the coastal path. Baengnyeongdo, located at the northernmost tip of the West Sea, is famous for Sagot Beach, a natural airfield, and Kongdol Beach, made of round pebbles. Take a break while looking at the nameless beaches and rocky islands in Ogunpo, located at the end of Kongdol Coast.

*Ogunpo-Jangchon Coastal Road
Yonggipo Port~Sagot Beach~Baengnyeong Bridge~Mongdol Beach~Jangchon Harbor
Daecheongdo Samseo Trekking
Daecheongdo Island is one of the five islands in the West Sea, and next to Baengnyeongdo Island. It has also been certified as a national geopark. The Daecheong-do Samseo Trekking Course leads from Samgaksan (343m) to the magnificent vertical cliff on the beach and its surrounding scenery. The west wind basin, which seems to reflect the red sun at sunset, cleanses all fatigue of travel.

*Daecheongdo Samseo Tracking Course
Course (time required: about 4 hours)
Satandong Pass-Samgaksan-Gwangnandu Jeongjagak-Gireumagari-Madangbawi-Seopungbawi-Gwangnandu Jeongjagak

Course (time required: about 1 hour 47 minutes, total distance: 5.58 km)
Love Bridge-Samgaksan Mountain-Gwangnandu Jeongjagak-Haneul Park-Madangbawi Rock (Reed Garden)
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