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Incheon Bike Ride-Incheon Islands Healing Edition -

The islands of Incheon are well-developed with roads not only for cars, but also for bicycles, which makes it a place that many cyclists visit. The Gyeongin Ara Waterway is also famous as a place that marks the beginning and end of the country-wide bicycle path. In addition, you can ride along the bike paths of various islands in Incheon, along with the wonderful west coast views.
Sindo, Sido, Modo
View Point: Sugi Beach
The Sin-Shimodo Bicycle Path allows you to see all three sister islands of Sindo, Sido and Modo. On Sindo you can see the friendly rural landscape and a small reservoir. If you go to Sido, you can ride a bicycle along the famous Sugi Beach. Modo, the youngest island, is the smallest, but you can enjoy riding along the charming scenery.
Gyodong Bike Trail
View point: Nanjeong Reservoir Sunflowers and Nanjeong-ri Observatory or Gyodong Eupseong Fortress and Hyanggyo area
There are two types of Pyeonghwa Nadeul-gil, Hoeju-gil and Majung-gil. Hoeju-gil is a road that goes around the island along the iron fence line of the coast, and the Majung-gil is 17.5 km, which crosses the wide green plain and connects the Gyodong Jebijip and Hoeju-gil. Centering on the tourist information center, from the Jebijip, you can see the Manghyangdae, which the displaced people built because they could not forget their hometown, and the Nanjeong-ri Observatory overlooking North Korea.
Deokjeokdo Path
View Point: Seopo-ri Beach
On the Deokjeokdo Bike Path you can ride along the quiet sea road. Deokjeokdo Island has many mountain areas and many slopes. The Deokjeokdo bike path is divided into a general course, intermediate course, coastal scenery course, and the MTB course. As you ride, you can see Seopo-ri Beach with pine trees that are over 100 years old, and Soyado, where nature is well preserved.
Jangbong Island Path
View Point: Ride along the white sand and cypress of Ongam Beach
Jangbongdo Island is relatively close to the mainland and has good traffic, making it an island that attracts many hikers and tourists. It is also good for cycling along the beach and forest paths. There are many challenging high-intensity up/down sections. However, the downhill sections that travel down the hill help you forget how terrible it is. Restrooms and convenience stores can be used near the Sammok Pier or Ongam Beach. When riding the bicycle, it is recommended to go around points, such as, Jinchon Beach, Handeul Beach, and Ongam Beach, centering on the Jangbong Pier.
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