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Incheon Unique Food Street- Soup

There are unique food streets in Incheon where you can enjoy hot soup dishes not only in cold winter but all year round. We introduce a variety of food streets: from Sundae (blood sausage) Alley, where you can enjoy the rich taste of soup at an affordable price to Chueo Village where you can find the best healthy food and soup made with fresh seafood from the coast of Incheon.
Sundae Alley
The oldest Sunday Alley in Incheon is located in the central market in Songhyeon-dong. Though it may seem shabby on the outside, the taste is guaranteed since the stores have a history of 30 to 60 years. Although there are not many sundae gukbap restaurants left, Songhyeon-dong Sundae Alley is still famous for its generous servings, great flavor, and affordability at all of its establishments.
Bupyeong Haemultang Street
30 to 40 years ago, there were only three haemultang(seafood stew) specialty stores in the street near the Bupyeong Market Rotary and currently, there are 10 restaurants. The soup here is filled with vegetables like parsley, bean sprouts, and with a variety of fresh seafood such as crab, fresh octopus, shellfish, and shrimp that come fresh from Sorae Port and the fish market. Although the taste of the broth varies for each restaurant, you will still be satisfied with the rich and flavorful seafood stew.
Yeollakgol Chueo Mauel
In Unyeon-dong Namdong-gu, restaurants that serve chueo-tang (loach soup) as their main dish seem to form a village. Originally, this was a rural village where rice paddies were farmed, but there were a lot of loaches in the paddies so residents started to make chueo-tang (loach soup) and eat them. Now it is full of customers who come to eat this healthy food. Chueo-tang is packed with protein and calcium. Chueo-tang in this vllage has a spicy and cool taste since it's boiled with red pepper paste.
Songdo Kkotge(Blue Crab) Street
There is a blue crab street in Songdo where you can taste the blue crab, one of Incheon's specialties. This street was started around 20 to 30 years ago with stalls selling fresh seafood. The seasonal blue crab is full of meat, delicious and chewy. Blue crab dishes, such as braised blue crab and soy sauce marinated crab, are rich in protein and low in fat.
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