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Ganghwa History Museum

Ganghwado Island has a long history from prehistoric times to modern times, so there are various museums. Representatively, there is the Ganghwa Natural History Museum and Ganghwa History Museum. In the Dolmen Park, which is directly attached to the two museums, you can see the dolmen registered as a World Heritage Site. The Ganghwa Hwamunseok Cultural Center exhibits Hwamunseok, a special product of Ganghwa, and you can also experience simple Hwamunseok crafts. If you are traveling to the historic Ganghwa, we recommend a museum tour.
Ganghwa History Museum
The Ganghwa History Museum exhibits the history from the prehistoric era of the dolmen to the end of Joseon Dynasty. Starting from the prehistoric exhibition room on the 2nd floor, and going to the Joseon dynasty on the 1st floor, visitors can enjoy the exhibition in order of time. You can also visit Ganghwa Dolmen, designated as a World Heritage Site, at the Dolmen Park next to the museum. 

*Fee: Free for infants and seniors / Children, teenagers, soldiers 2,000 won/ Adults 3,000 won/
Ganghwa Natural History Museum
The Ganghwa Natural History Museum was established to remind people of the importance of the environment and nature. Various minerals and creatures that formed the Earth are exhibited in many special themes. There is also a space where you can see the skeleton of a sperm whale and a space to experience and learn the mysteries of nature.

*Fee: Free for infants and seniors / 2,000 won for children, youth, and soldiers / 3,000 won for adults / 5,000 won for experiential learning
Ganghwa War Museum
The Ganghwa War Museum is located inside Gapgotdondae, an important fortress that kept the Ganghwa Strait by continuing to fight against Mongolia during the Goryeo Dynasty. Various war artifacts are exhibited, researched, preserved, and collected under the theme of the war that took place in Ganghwa to spread the spirit of patriotism. There are also interactive spaces, like photo zones, where you can take pictures dressed in Joseon Dynasty's garb.

*Fee: 600 won for children, youth and soldiers/900 won for adults
  • AddressAddress
    18, Haeandong-ro 1366beon-gil, Ganghwa-eup, Ganghwa-gun, Incheon
  • PhonePhone
  • Hours of operationHours of operation
    Daily 09:00-18:00 (Final Admission 17:30)
    Holidays : Every Monday (Except for public holidays)/ The day after a public holiday
    1st Jan, Chuseok
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Ganghwa Hwamunseok Cultural Center
The Ganghwa Hwamunseok Cultural Center explains the history and tradition of Hwamunseok, a special product of Ganghwado Island, and exhibits royal artifacts. Hwamunseok is a royal stone embroidered with dyed wood on a mat, usually named Hwamunseok with a flower pattern. During the Goryeo Dynasty, the quality was so good and famous that it was exported to the Song Dynasty, Yuan Dynasty, and Japan. You can see the process of making Hwamunseok, and there is also an experience learning center where you can make your own royal crafts with craft artists.

*Fee: 500 won for children / 700 won for youth and soldiers / 1,000 won for adults / 5,000 won for experiential learning
  • AddressAddress
    413, Jangjeongyango-gil, Songhae-myeon, Ganghwa-gun, Incheon
  • PhonePhone
  • Hours of operationHours of operation
    Daily 09:00-18:00
    Holidays : 1st Jan, Chuseok, Lunar New year
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