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Incheon Local Gourmet Tour <Mineo and Skate Fish>

When you think about Incheon, you think of a variety of cuisines. Sinpo Market's croaker (mineo) and Daecheong Market's skate fish (hongeo) are two examples. In the past, Incheon was known for its fish markets on the sea, particularly Deokjeokdo Mineo Parsi. As a result, Incheon mineo's reputation has grown in recent years. Skate fish is currently generally recognized as a fish caught in the Honam area, although it is a dish that was initially cooked in Daecheongdo. Although the Parsi that kept skate fish famous on Daecheong Island disappeared, you can still taste it on Heuksando Island.
Sinpo International
Mineo is a nutrient-dense food that has been popular for a long time, especially in summer. You can enjoy varied textures and flavors because it comes in a range of cuts like tuna sashimi. Gulupdo and Deokjeokdo had a high reputation for Mineo Parsi in the 1920s and 1930s, and now, in the Sinpo market, the restaurants specializing in it such as Hwaseon sashimi restaurant, Gyeongnam sashimi restaurant, and Deokjeok restaurant are operating, maintaining the reputation of Gulupdo and Deokjeokdo.
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Daecheongdo's Skate Fish
Most people know that skate is a common fish caught in Honam, but Daecheong Island has long been a place where many skate fish are caught, accounting for half of the domestic catch. It is the only place among the five islands in the West Sea where you can taste skate. The skate caught in Daecheong Island is being sent down to Heuksando Island. In Daecheongdo, you can taste raw skate, which has a chewy texture, rather than fermented skate, which is commonly eaten. It is said that eating raw skate caught between winter and early spring tastes better. Currently, fishermen on the five islands of the West Sea, including Baengnyeong, Yeonpyeong and Daecheong, and civic groups such as the Incheon Peace and Welfare Regiment are trying to promote the fishing of Daecheong Island.
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