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Enjoy Incheon Spotlight -Foliage & Autumn Flowers -

Among the four seasons, autumn colors the world with the most brilliant colors. Autumn is particularly famous for its vivid crimson foliage. Although the season only lasts for a short time, it is the most beautiful season. One of the best ways to experience autumn foliage in Incheon is through walking. There are many popular autumn foliage destinations in Incheon offering visitors breath-taking Korean nature. At Ganghwa Goryeo Palace, Ganghwa Gwangseongbo, and Jeondeungsa, you can walk among the red maple trees. Baeknyeonsa Temple, Wonjeoksan Ginkgo Grove, and Jangsu-dong Ginkgo Trees are places where you can feel fall while walking along the paths with yellow ginkgo leaves. In Deokjeokdo and Donggumdo, reeds the size of a person are scattered in the wind and look like they are dancing. In addition, you can enjoy autumn at Incheon's famous spots, which are made up of plants representing autumn like cosmos, pink muhly and many more.
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