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Ganghwa Nadeul-Gil: Korean History Tour

Hoguk Dondae-gil, the second course of Ganghwa Nadeul-gil, is a road with many defense relics that protected Ganghwa from invaders. If you walk along Hogukdondae-gil, you can see Gwangseongbo and Chojijin, which were the coastal border units of Ganghwa. You can also see the Ganghwa Angelican Church and Goryeo Palace in the center of Ganghwa-eup. The total distance of Hoguk Dondae-gil is 17km, and it takes about 5 hours and 50 minutes on foot.
Gwangseongbo Fortress was built during the Goryeo era along the strait by mixing stones and soil to fight against Mongol invasions. Anhaeru, the gate of Gwangseongbo meaning a pavilion to look at the sea, was used to block foreign enemies from entering by sea, but it now leads to a beautiful coastal walking trail. There is also Sinmi-Sunuichong, where the tombs of anonymous soldiers killed in a fierce battle with the U.S. Navy around Gwangseongbo rest.

* Admission: Adults-1,100 won, Youth, Soldiers, Children-700 won
Chojijin Fortress, which can be seen when you cross the Choji Bridge, is a defensive facility that protrudes into the coastal area and is optimized to fight against gunfire. The gunpowder marks from the Shinmiyangyo assaults still remain on the trees and walls, despite their small size. When you climb up Chojijin and look at the sea, it feels like the whole island of Ganghwa served as a solid fortress.

* Admission: Adults-700 won, youth, soldiers, children-500 won
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Ganghwa Anglican Church
The Ganghwa Anglican Church is the oldest existing Hanok church building. The cathedral's interior is designed in a Western European basilica style, while the outside is designed in the style of a Buddhist temple. This is a place where you can witness a cross-section of Korean Christianity history via the utilization of Korean-style wooden buildings in a setting that remains loyal to its church functions.
Goryeo Palace Fortress
The Goryeo Palace site, famous for its full bloom azaleas in spring, has been used for 38 years when Goryeo moved its capital to Ganghwa to fight against Mongol invasions. Oegyujanggak, which served as the Royal Library and housed various books and royal articles, offers exhibits from the time. The Ganghwa bronze bell, which was used to announce the opening and closing times of the gate at Goryeo Palace, is a replica, but you can see the real thing at the Ganghwa History Museum. * Admission: Adult-900 won, Youth-600 won
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