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Car Camping in Incheon- Yeongjongdo Island

There are places where you can go car camping trip in Yeongjongdo Island. These days car camping is popular because you can enjoy camping with less hassle and minimal equipment. You can also enjoy a unique experience of watching the sunset and catching shellfish on the tidal flat through a car trip on Yeongjong Island.
Wangsan Beach
Viewpoint: Wangsanri Beach

Many people come to camp in Wangsan Beach located in Yeongjongdo Island because it is quieter than the nearby Eurwangni Beach. The seashore is slopy and humid so it is advisable to camp at the flat land back of the coast. Wangsan Beach is calm in summer, so children can play and enjoy various water leisure activities.
Masian Beach
Viewpoint: Masian Beach
Located on Yeongjongdo Island, Masian Beach is famous for its beautiful sunset. It is close to Seoul metropolitan areas, so many people come here for car camping. You can see both mudflats and sandy beaches along the Masian coast. When the tide is low, You can see the co-existence of endless black mudflats and ivory sand beaches. Also, the pine trees surround the coast which makes it a good place for relaxation.
Geojampo Wharf
Viewpoint: Maerangdo Island
Located in Yongyudo Island, Geojampo Wharf is famous for car camping because of both the sunrise and sunset views. At the end of the year, people from all over the country come to see the sunrise and sunset. If you look toward the sea from the wharf, you can see a Maerangdo Island which is also known as Shark Island because it resembles a shark's fin. There are public restrooms and convenience stores nearby, and you can also enjoy fishing.
Silmi Amusement Park Auto Camping Site
Viewpoint: Silmi Amusement Park Auto Camping Site
Silmi Amusement Park, located in Muuido Island, is a famous filming site.
When the tide is low, you can see the ‘Silmi Moses Way’ and have a unique experience of walking towards Silmido Island. It is a convenient place for car camping because it has auxiliary facilities such as shower rooms, restrooms, separate garbage dumps, and snack bars. There is an admission time for cars to enter the Silmi Amusement Park Auto Camping Site, so please check first before you visit.

* Admission time: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 08:00 to 20:00 /
Friday, Saturday, Sunday-07:00 to 22:00
* Unable to re-enter once you leave with your car.
※ The information above may have changed since the initial registration date. Be sure to check before you travel.