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Car Camping in Incheon-Ganghwado -

Ganghwa, Incheon is a favorite place for many people because it's a vacation spot near the metropolitan area and there are many things to see and eat too. It's recommended to take a car and plan a camping trip to enjoy the docks and beach with cool sea and beautiful sunset views.
Oepori Marina
Viewpoint: Oepo-ri Marina
You can park your car at the free parking lot of Oepo-ri port behind the Oepo-ri Marina in Ganghwa-do. It is good for fishing because of the tidal valley formed at the dock. There is also a small photo zone for tourists. At the Jeotgal Fish Market near Oepo port, you can also buy fresh seafood and salted fish that have been caught and prepared.
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    883, Haeanseo-ro, Naega-myeon, Ganghwa-gun, Incheon
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Minmeoru Beach
Viewpoint: Minmeoru Beach
Minmeoru Beach is Seokmodo's representative beach. You can park your car and camp in the parking area. You can experience mudflats at Minmeoru Beach for free and rent a parasol or table at a nearby convenience store. In Seokmodo Island, you can take a leisurely tour at the Bomunsa Temple, one of three main Guanyin (the Goddess of Mercy) temples in Korea.
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    872, Maeeum-ri, Samsan-myeon, Ganghwa-gun, Incheon
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Donggeom Pier
Viewpoint: Donggeom Pier
Donggeomdo Island is connected to Ganghwado and embankment roads and can be accessed by car. There is a parking lot in the Donggeom Pier where you can park. It is less crowded than Ganghwado and Seokmodo. Here is a good place for car camping. because the fields of reed around the dock and the sunset are beautiful. There is also a free mud flat experience around the Donggeom Pier where you can catch shellfish and clams.
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