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Backpacking – Incheon Island-

In backpacking, there’s no fixed course, so you can create your course and enjoy the trip. Incheon is a revered place for backpackers since it is close to Seoul, and there are also many islands where you can enjoy backpacking without any set course.
Gulupdo Backpacking
Viewpoint: Gaemeori Hill
Gulupdo is a haven for backpackers and it is called the Galapagos of Korea. Boasting its unique creatures and geological environment, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the ocean in all directions if you trek along the ridge. Many backpackers use Gaemori Hill as a camping site because of the wild deer living here as well as stargazing.
Muuido Island Backpacking
Viewpoint: Guksabong Peak
Muuido Island is called the Alps of the West Sea because of its natural environment. Having a spectacular view of unique rock formations and a picturesque sea, Muuido Guksabong Peak also has a splendid night view of the city and the starry night sky. It has become a popular spot for many backpackers since the opening of the Airport Railroad.
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Daeijakdo Island Backpacking
Viewpoint: Buasan Mountain Peak
Daeijakdo Island is called a luxury island in the West Sea because of its beautiful nature. It is an ideal island for an overnight backpacking or trekking trip. because the island is not large. Backpackers spend the day pitching tents near Mt. Buasan, where you can see the ocean and countless stars. Another attraction is the Samshin Halmoni Mineral Spring on the way down of the Mt. Buasan. The water doesn't dry out so it provides cool mineral water to backpackers.
Jawoldo Island Backpacking
Viewpoint: Janggol Beach
Jawoldo Island is home to a varied range of animals and flora that live free from human interference. Backpackers mainly plan trekking and enjoy camping around the beach. Beginner backpackers can easily camp here because pensions are easy to find and facilities are more accessible compared to the other islands. Many fishermen visit Jawoldo Island because it is also famous for its fishing spots.
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