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Pilgrimage to the Holy Land-Christianity -

Incheon was the first city to accept Christianity in the late Joseon Dynasty, and it is the place where Pastor Appenzeller entered Korea in 1885 and founded the first Methodist Church in Korea. Along with Ganghwa's first 121-year-old church, Chemulpo port holds the history of many overseas missionaries. As a result, Incheon is home to Korea's earliest Christian-related structures, as well as memorial structures.
Incheon Museum of Korea Emigration History
Scenic viewpoint: Yeseonggang River, Hwanghae-do, North Korea
The Incheon Museum of Korea Emigration History is a place to re-examine the history of immigration in Korea and commemorate their achievements when immigrants departed for Hawaii from Chemulpo Port in December 1902. The first museum of emigration history in Korea, built by Incheon citizens and compatriots, displays the current status of 7 million overseas Koreans from 150 countries including Hawaii, Mexico, Cuba, and Paraguay. It is a location where the past, present, and future coexist, and where both Koreans and non-Koreans take pride in their heritage.
* Admission until: 17:30
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100th Anniversary Memorial Monument
of Christianity in Korea and Church
Yeonmijeong Pavilion is located at the point where the Imjingang River and Hangang River join. It was named after a swallowtail because the waterway to the western sea and Incheon looks like the tail of a swallow. This area has been known to have the most astonishing scenery at the mouth of the Han River, and it’s also well-known as a place for dalmaji*. The peace treaty was signed here during the First Manchu Invasion of Korea (1627), and the visitor may have a chance to witness and commemorate this tragic history.
International Gospel
Broadcasting Station
The first trial evangelical broadcasting was aired on 1956. It was aired daily in Korean, English, Chinese, Russian, and Ukrainian. It was relocated and constructed below the Seokjeongru Pavilion in Jayu Park in 1962. Now it was renamed to Far East Broadcasting Company and moved to Mapo-gu, Seoul. Currently, only Dongyang Chemistry remains on site
Naeri Methodist Church
Naeri Methodist Church is the first Methodist church in Korea. It was founded in 1891 by Henry Appenzeller, a missionary in Korea, and is also called “the mother church of Korea” because it was the first Protestant church. The church opened an exhibition hall where you can see the history of the church and the footsteps of Korean Christianity in commemoration of the 130th anniversary of missionary work in Korea in 2015. In 1999, a social welfare institution Naeri Nursing Home was established to help the elderly.
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Yeonghwahakdang was the first private school in Korea founded by Pastor Jones and his wife of Naeri Methodist Church in 1892, and was the first place where elementary education for girls began. The name was changed to Yeonghwa Elementary School, and a part of the school building of the Yeonghwa Academy is preserved.
Former residence of
female missionaries
The missionaries of the North Methodist Church required a place to dwell as the number of missionaries serving in Incheon grew at the end of the nineteenth century, and it was built in 1894. Later, it was used as a summer vacation spot for female missionaries in Seoul and Pyongyang. The red brick exterior and pointed roof structure are unique. It is currently being used as an Incheon Christianity Community Welfare Center.
Former House of
The building was used for the house of Missionary Appenzeller and Johns. Today, it is used as the building for Korean Baptist Bible Fellowship. Appenzeller was a Methodist pastor from the United States and an active missionary in Korea. He founded the Korean Mission and devoted himself to the development of education in Korea by establishing the Pai Chai Institute.
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