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Incheon Local Experiences - Fishing Villages-

Incheon is close to the sea, so it is full of seafood and activities you can enjoy in the sea. Especially, if you visit Incheon in summer, it is good to visit a fishing village and enjoy fishing, the tidal flat experience and many more. In addition, the fishing village has an excess of seafood, so if you are a seafood lover, the fishing village experience is recommended.
Keunmuri Fishing Village
You can enjoy a tidal flat experience in the Keunmuri Fishing Village, and there are many things to see as Silmido Island, a filming location, is also located nearby. Tidal flat experience and fishing on an uninhabited island will be a unique experience that cannot be experienced in a city.
* All experience programs are subject to local conditions and must be contacted by phone.
Ponae Fishing Experience Village
Ponae Fishing Experience Village has a beautiful sea environment, so you can experience riding a tractor on a mudflat and do some fishing. It is a popular fishing village that more than 20,000 people visit every year. Ponae Fishing Experience Village also offers shellfish craft experience.
* All experience programs are subject to local conditions and must be reserved by phone.
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    19-16, Daemuui-ro 301beon-gil, Jung-gu, Incheon
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    * You must contact by phone before visiting.
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Masian Tidal Flat Experience
Masian Beach is a mudflat experience site that has high ecological value. Masian Beach offers not only tidal flat experiences, but also bare-hand fishing experiences and various group experience programs. There are many islands around Masian Beach, where you can take a walk, enjoy the surrounding landscape and relax on the sand.
* All experience programs are subject to local conditions and must be reserved by phone.
Yeongheung Yongdam Tidal Flat Experience Village
In Yeongheung Yongdam Tidal Flat Experience Village, you can dig shellfish and explore the tidal flats. An activity that even beginners can easily do is go fishing. There is a fishing village, folk museum and Yongdam Fishing Site nearby, so you can enjoy a range of activities together.
* All experience programs are subject to local conditions and must be contacted by phone.
Seeodo Fishing Experience Village
Seeodo is a small island closely located only 20km away from Seoul. In addition to the basic tidal flat experience and fishing, the fishing experience village in Seeodo provides cooking and craft experiences such as sashimi rice bowl and candle making. On the island, there is a pine walking path which is the perfect place to feel the sea breeze.
* At around 10 o'clock, when the boat arrives, you can start making sashimi rice bowls or candles. It takes approximately 1-2 hours. However, the experience will be available from 2023, so you should refer to the website.
* All experience programs may vary depending on local conditions, so you should refer to the website.
* The boat runs once a day. You should refer to the homepage.
Silmido is a small uninhabited island attached to Muuido. Silmido can only be accessed on foot from Muuido at low tide twice a day. When the tide ebbs, you can experience unique activities like picking up seafood such as clams and turban shells on the mudflat. And on a good day, you can see Baengnyeongdo and North Korea in the distance.
* Fee is 2,000 for adults (KRW) and 1,000 for children (KRW).
* It is good to check the low tide time in advance.
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    768-5, Muui-dong, Jung-gu, Incheon
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  • Hours of operationHours of Operation
    Daily 08:00 ~ 20:00
    Holidays : Open year round
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