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Embrace Incheon’s Nature with Outdoor Leisure and Sports

Carve through the waves on a crystal kayak, enjoy the speed during a luge ride, or ride a bicycle along the waterways. Leisure and sports activities in Incheon offer what you’ve always dreamed of and more. Here are some of the leisure sports sites where one can embrace the nature of Incheon.

Songdo Komarine East Boat House

Located at Songdo Central Park’s eastern end, this boathouse offers various water leisure activities. Songdo Central Park is the first saltwater park in Korea whose water is drawn from the West Sea into the Songdo International City. As the East Boat House provides opportunities to enjoy kayaking, canoeing, boating, stand up paddleboarding (SUP), and other water sports activities in the park, it has established itself as a highly popular venue throughout the year. Many activities are available, from clear, see-through kayaks to long canoes, moon boats driven by joysticks, and SUPs. Indeed, water sports offer the best way to take in Songdo Central Park’s beauty along its 1.8 km–long waterway. The scenery of green parks and skyscrapers along the waterfront is something one can only enjoy in Songdo.

송도 코마린 이스트보트하우스 사진1
송도 코마린 이스트보트하우스 사진2 송도 코마린 이스트보트하우스 사진3
송도 코마린 이스트보트하우스 사진4 송도 코마린 이스트보트하우스 사진5
  • Address 160, Convensia-daero, Yeonsu-gu, Incheon
  • Telephone +82-32-831-4609
  • Opening Hours 09:00~21:00
  • Fees Crystal kayak, kayak, canoe at KRW 25,000; moon boat, cloud boat at KRW 38,000; SUP at KRW 10,000
  • Webpage

Ganghwa Seaside Resort Luge

Also known as Ganghwa Luge, this luge ride located at Ganghwa Seaside Resort is a dynamic attraction that blazes through tracks on a special cart. Its controls are simple. Everyone can enjoy the ride regardless of age. The track runs a total of 1.8 km and has two courses: the Ocean and the Valley. The tracks tend to be gentle in slope, but several bends give visitors the exhilarating thrill of speed. All courses include a 360º spin, followed by alternating tunnels and drops. The scenery itself is awe-inspiring. Additionally, the gondola ride is a small yet important part of the Ganghwa Luge experience. The gondola takes one from the ticketing area to the starting point at the summit. Despite its short length, this ride is a great chance to view Ganghwado Island from the sky. Riders on luges speed along the tracks, and the blue sea lies just beyond reach.

강화씨사이드리조트 루지 사진1
강화씨사이드리조트 루지 사진2 강화씨사이드리조트 루지 사진3
강화씨사이드리조트 루지 사진4 강화씨사이드리조트 루지 사진5
  • Address217, Jangheung-ro, Gilsang-myeon, Ganghwa-gun, Incheon
  • Telephone+82-32-930-9000
  • Opening Hours Monday–Friday 10:00–18:00, Saturday–Sunday 09:00-21:00
  • FeesLuge and gondola single ride at KRW 15,000 (weekday), KRW 19,000 (weekend); luge and gondola two rides at KRW 25,000 (weekday), KRW 31,000 (weekend); luge and gondola three rides at KRW 30,000 (weekday), KRW 38,000 (weekend); luge and gondola five rides at KRW 40,000 (weekday), KRW 50,000 (weekend); children’s ticket at KRW 5,000 (weekday), KRW 7,000 (weekend) per ride
  • Webpage

Bike along Gyeongin Ara Waterway

Known as a famous site for bicyclists, Gyeongin Awa Waterway is the first inland canal in Korea that links the West Sea and Hangang River. It is easily accessible via the Seoul subway. In addition, the road beside the waterway is flat and easy to ride along, and the expansive view of Ara Waterway, including the Aramaru Observatory, can be seen on every leg of your ride. Enjoy a Refreshing Ride with Bicycle Rental Shops Located throughout Ara Waterway, Including Gyeyang Station Six bicycle rental shops are available, such as Incheon Terminal and Sicheon, offering single-person, tandem, and children’s (ages 5–6) bicycles. If you’re going for the extra step, you can even take your bicycle to the Ara Bike Path, a 21 km–long course from Ara West Sea Lock to Ara Hangang Lock. The 1.5-hour ride touches upon all Eight Sights of Suhyang and Ara Waterway’s wonderful view. Aragyegok Valley (Fourth Sight of Suhyang) is the best place to ride along the waterfalls’ white waves. At the Ara Hangang Riverside (Eighth Sight of Suhyang), one can pass by those enjoying a picnic at the Hangang River.

경인 아라뱃길 자전거 타기 사진1
경인 아라뱃길 자전거 타기 사진2 경인 아라뱃길 자전거 타기 사진3
경인 아라뱃길 자전거 타기 사진4 경인 아라뱃길 자전거 타기 사진5
  • Address (Ara Incheon Passenger Terminal), 41, Jeongseojin 1-ro, Seo-gu, Incheon
  • Telephone+82-1899-3650(Ara Information Center), +82-31-999-7878(Ara Waterway Bicycle Rental)
  • Opening Hours 10:00~18:00(Ara Waterway Bicycle Rental)
  • FeesKRW 5,000 for single bikes, KRW 8,000 for tandem bikes (base rate for 1 hr)
  • Web Page
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