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A park full of autumn flowers

A fall picnic that is as popular as ‘autumn leaves viewing’ is ‘flower viewing.’ Another advantage is that you don’t have to go far and high, and you can just look around as if you were going on a light walk. Let’s enjoy autumn flowers that are simple but rich in beauty, such as cosmos, pink muhly, and chrysanthemums.

Incheon Grand Park

It is a large-scale park with a total area of 2,665,000㎡, equipped with an arboretum, a children’s zoo, a bicycle plaza, and an observatory. Many people visit this place throughout the four seasons. Particularly, in autumn, visitors continue to see cosmos, which fill more than 10,000㎡ of Eoul Garden. There are pavilions with thatch roofs along the flower path, and the various colors of cosmos shake as if dancing along with the autumn wind, harmonizing with the autumn sky to create a beautiful landscape. In addition, there is a huge ginkgo tree, which is approximately 800 years old and was designated as a natural monument in 2021, around the entrance to the east gate of the Incheon Grand Park, so it is recommended to look around it together.

Incheon Grand Park 1
Incheon Grand Park 2 Incheon Grand Park 3
Incheon Grand Park 4 Incheon Grand Park 5
  • Address san 79, Jangsu-dong, Namdong-gu, Incheon
  • Tel. No. +82-32-466-7282
  • Opening Hours 05:00–23:00 (March–October), 05:00–22:00 (November–February)
  • Fees Free of charge
  • Web Page

Dream Park Wildflower Park

The landfill from the Seoul Metropolitan Area has been transformed into a pink muhly grass attraction. This place, where the entire park forms pink waves as if sprinkled with pink paint, is a must-see for tourists taking a photo. A combination of the blue autumn sky, white clouds, and pink colors reminds us of a watercolor painting. The crape myrtle, which is planted on the opposite side like the pink muhly with one color, enriches the autumn landscape with a different color and shape. The entire park has a beautiful wide-open view, so if you visit at sunset, you can experience another color of autumn.

Dream Park Wildflower Park 1
Dream Park Wildflower Park 2 Dream Park Wildflower Park 3
Dream Park Wildflower Park 4 Dream Park Wildflower Park 5
  • Address61, Geowol-ro, Seo-gu, Incheon
  • Tel. No. +82-32-560-9940
  • Opening Hours 10:00–17:00, Closed on Mondays.

Gyeyang Flower and Plant Complex

As one of Incheon’s main autumn flower attractions, you can see a large cosmos flower garden. It consists of a mixture of yellow and pink cosmos and has a variety of photo zones, making it a popular place to take the best shots. Dark pink summer cypress and fragrant chrysanthemum flowers are added along the walkway, so you can fully enjoy the beauty of autumn. If you lie in a pavilion with thatch roofing in the middle of a flower garden and look at the blue sky, you will heal naturally. There is a dog playground on the way to the flower garden, so families with pets can enjoy seeing flowers.

Gyeyang Flower and Plant Complex 1
Gyeyang Flower and Plant Complex 2 Gyeyang Flower and Plant Complex 3
Gyeyang Flower and Plant Complex 4 Gyeyang Flower and Plant Complex 5
  • Address 106-1, Seoun-dong, Gyeyang-gu, Incheon
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