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Hanok accommodations in Incheon

The hanok, a house built in a unique Korean style with natural materials, greets you. It is wonderful even from the outside, but once you enter it and lay down, it whispers that it is cozy for all. You can experience a full rest at the hanok accommodation in Incheon, where traditional and modern elements harmonize.

Daemyeongheon House

Daemyeongheon House near the Ganghwa-gun Office is a unique modern hanok that combines British architectural styles. The daecheongmaru (large wooden-floor hall) and numaru (raised wooden-floor space) of an “L-shaped” hanok are finished in a herringbone (a pattern shaped like several fish bones) style, a balcony is placed in the attic, and the window of the numaru is decorated with yellowish green stained glass. Daemyeongheon House is also famous as the place where Kim Gu, also known by his pen name Baekbeom, stayed. Kim Gu, who visited Ganghwado Island in 1947, took a photo with 30 of his comrades in the yard here. The spot where he took the photo at that time is created as a photo zone. The hanok, which was built over the course of 10 years with great effort, consists of 3 rooms, daecheongmaru, numaru, jjongmaru (narrow wooden veranda), and a kitchen. It is a detached house that only accepts reservations for one team per day, so you can stay quiet and take your pet.

Daemyeongheon House 1
Daemyeongheon House 2 Daemyeongheon House 3
Daemyeongheon House 4 Daemyeongheon House 5
  • Address 7, Nammunan-gil, Ganghwa-eup, Ganghwa-gun, Incheon
  • Tel. No. +82-32-934-2021, +82-10-9075-1108
  • Opening Hours Check-in at 15:00, Check out at 12:00


Located in the center of Yeonsu-gu, Incheon, Shiwoojae is a high-quality hanok with a history of over 120 years. This is a south-facing house where the Seungjigong Branch of the Yeongil Jeong Clan, who has lived in Incheon for more than 400 years, has lived from generation to generation, and the landlord carefully manages the house with the breath of his ancestors and opens it as a private hanok. Shiwoojae, which preserves traditions but adds a modern sensibility, means “rain falling at the right time,” and like its name, it provides guests with a break like the rain. The 79m2 private hanok has two rooms, a floor, a kitchen, a multipurpose room, and a bathroom. Everywhere, it is sophisticated and luxurious, from the floor with its impressive wavy rafters that seem alive, the kitchen, which was designed and created from wood by the owning couple over the course of eight months, and the large room with thick wooden pillars and beams. Welcome drinks are provided to guests, and the owner has good sensibilities.

Shiwoojae 1
Shiwoojae 2 Shiwoojae 3
Shiwoojae 4 Shiwoojae 5
  • Address 74-33, Donggokjae-ro, Yeonsu-gu, Incheon
  • Tel. No. +82-507-1316-0120
  • Opening Hours Check-in at 15:00, Check out at 11:00
  • Web Page

Namchwidang Hanok Story

Namchwidang Hanok Story is a traditional hanok located at the end of Manisan Mountain in Ganghwado Island. Namchwidang refers to a house that attracts the energy of the blue mountains. In front of the hanok, a vast field spreads out, and the scenery looks like a picture. The mountain edge surrounds the backyard. Namchwidang Hanok Story is a well-built hanok built by the owner who attended a hanok school in Cheongdo, Gyeongsangbuk-do. The pine trees from Ganghwado Island were connected without nails to build a frame, walls were built with red clay, and the owner finished all over with hanji (traditional Korean paper) from Wonju on his own. This is why the house smells like fragrant pine trees. Namchwidang Hanok Story has five rooms with toilets. When you lie down on the cotton bedding, you can see the ceiling with exposed rafters. The subtle light covered with hanji makes you sleep well. The “Haewon,” a tea room located on one side of the living room of the main building, “Mariul,” is a great place where you can drink tea while looking at the field; you can relax at “Ariul Sarangchae,” another building with a red clay room heated by burning oak firewood.

Namchwidang Hanok Story 1
Namchwidang Hanok Story 2 Namchwidang Hanok Story 3
Namchwidang Hanok Story 4 Namchwidang Hanok Story 5
  • Address Haeannam-ro 1066beon-gil, Hwado-myeon, Ganghwa-gun, Incheon
  • Tel. No. +82-10-9591-0226
  • Opening Hours Check-in at 14:30, Check out at 11:30
  • Web Page

Golden Grass

Located at the western end of Ganghwado Island, Golden Grass is a traditional hanok built more than 80 years ago. It was built by the owner’s great grandfather and inhabited by his mother and was opened as an accommodation. The decision came from his desire to share the beauty of the disappearing traditional hanok with many people. Thanks to this, a “square-shaped” hanok, stylish pine trees, and wooden furniture from the grandmother are shared with guests. Another attraction here is the quietness of nature. Naega-myeon, where the accommodation is located, was also a remote area on Ganghwado Island. This hanok is surrounded by a lawn yard and has the Goryeo Reservoir, which is much like a lake in front of the house, where the noise of the city center seems like a different world. Golden Grass has two buildings: Anchae and Sarangchae. In Anchae, air conditioners are installed in a large room, small room, daecheongmaru, and kitchen. The grass yard viewed from the toenmaru (narrow wooden porch) of Sarangchae is particularly beautiful among the scenery of traditional hanok. You can rent the entire accommodation and use it as a venue for events such as outdoor weddings and first birthday parties. Up to two pets weighing less than 15 kg can be admitted.

Golden Grass 1
Golden Grass 2 Golden Grass 3
Golden Grass 4 Golden Grass 5
  • Address 18-1, Ganghwaseo-ro 225beon-gil, Naega-myeon, Ganghwa-gun, Incheon
  • Tel. No. +82-10-6216-5598, +82-70-8262-6731
  • Opening Hours Check-in at 15:00, Check out at 12:00
  • Web Page
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