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Coastal Walkway

All of the roads you encounter while walking with the natural scenery as your friend are attractive, but the roads you encounter while walking along the sea are very quiet and fun. Every path you walk with nature is attractive and beautiful, but the path along the sea is quiet and fun. If you walk along the road with seagulls flying in the sky through the cool sea breeze, you will heal naturally.

Incheon Dulle Trail (Route 7 Coastal Walkway)

Incheon Dulle Trail consists of a total of 16 courses. Incheon Dulle Trail starts from Gyeyangsan Mountain of Route 1 and runs through the trekking course that climbs Cheonmasan Mountain, Wonjeoksan Mountain, and Hambongsan Mountain to the tidal flat, port, and coastal road. It is a beautiful road where you can see both the sea and the mountains of Incheon. Route 7 Coastal Walkway is around 7.3 km long, from Sorae Port to Dongmak Station. You can finish the course in around 1 hour and 40 minutes. As its name suggests, there is a road built along the coast so you can enjoy the sea and tidal flats of Incheon. You can also see endangered spoonbills flying to the Namdong Reservoir every year. It is a well-organized flatland, so you can lightly tread as if taking a walk.

Incheon Dulle Trail 1
Incheon Dulle Trail 2 Incheon Dulle Trail 3
Incheon Dulle Trail 4 Incheon Dulle Trail 5

Ganghwa Nadeul Trail (Route 19 Seongmodo Island Sangju Coastal Walkway)

Ganghwa Nadeul Trail, which means “walking as if going on a picnic,” was created in 1906, along the path where Hwanam Go Jae-hyeong strolled while singing about Ganghwado Island’s history and nature. Currently, there are 20 courses overall, including Route 19 Seongmodo Island Sangju Coastal Walkway, which starts from Dongchon, passes through Seongmo Quay, and goes around Sangjusan Mountain. The total distance is about 10 km, and it takes about 3 hours and 30 minutes. As you walk along the dense silver grass and soft grass paths, you will see a vast tidal flat and the sea, and you can enjoy a unique view of both Ganghwado and Gyodongdo Islands at a glance.

Ganghwa Nadeul Trail 1
Ganghwa Nadeul Trail 2 Ganghwa Nadeul Trail 3
Ganghwa Nadeul Trail 4 Ganghwa Nadeul Trail 5
  • Course Dongchon–Sangju Bus Terminal
  • Total Distance 10 km
  • Duration 3 hr and 30 min
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Muui Bada Nuri Trail

It is a course for strolling around Somuuido Island, a small island near Muuido Island. The road starts from the pedestrian bridge connecting the two islands. The wooden deck walkway is well constructed, and the dirt path is easy to walk on. Meanwhile, the seascape you see as you go up and down the island is never boring. When you climb Ansan Mountain, the highest on Somuuido Island, you can see Yeongheungdo Island, Deokjeokdo Island, Ganghwado Island, Incheondaegyo Bridge, and Songdo International Business District at a glance. Its total distance is 2.5 km, which will take about an hour and a half to look around. Take a slow walk, and enjoy your time while looking at the sea under the pine trees’ shade.

Muui Bada Nuri Trail 1
Muui Bada Nuri Trail 2 Muui Bada Nuri Trail 3
Muui Bada Nuri Trail 4 Muui Bada Nuri Trail 5
  • Course A return course to the starting point connecting Somuuido Island
  • Total Distance 2.5km
  • Duration 1 hr and 30 min
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