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Namhang Fishing where even beginners can feel the sensation when a fish takes the bait on his/her fishing rod.

Anyone who goes to the Namhang Fishing Boat Pier becomes an angler. Everything from fishing rods to preparation and bait can be rented, so you’ll be fine even if you don't prepare it! The scenery off the coast of Incheon in front of you as you travel to the fishing point is also excellent. Of course, it is not comparable to the thrilling sensation when a heavy fish takes the bait.

From today, I'm an angler, too! It's okay even if you are a beginner.

Incheon Namhang Fishing Boat Pier is a shrine for those who enjoy sea fishing on board. Most of the companies that run the sea fishing program are gathered at this pier for cruise ships and fishing boats. Sea fishing on board departing from Incheon Namhang Fishing Boat Pier is divided into time boat fishing (40,000 won for adults, 30,000 won for teenagers) and full-day boat fishing (70,000 won for adults, 30,000 won for teenagers). Time boat fishing departs twice, at 7 a.m. (or 7:30 p.m.) and 1 p.m., and you can enjoy fishing for about five hours. Full-day boat fishing departs at 4:30 a.m. (or 5:30 p.m.) and returns to the pier at 4 p.m.

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The boarding fee includes reel fishing called 'Reel', as well as a fishing plumb and fishing tackles (including fish hooks). So, anyone can enjoy sea fishing on board by purchasing baits even if they go empty-handed. Two to three each are provided for autumn and preparation that are easily lost. If you want a reel fishing rod for sea fishing, you can rent it for 10,000 won. The boarding fee is the same for all the companies in Namhang Fishing Boat Pier.

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There are two main types of sea fishing that can be enjoyed on board. There are regular fishing targeting sea fish such as Rockfish and Spotty belly greenling, and webfoot octopus fishing that only catches webfoot octopus. Unlike regular fishing, which is always available throughout the year, webfoot octopus fishing is not allowed from May 1 to August 31, the closed season. You might have a question here. Then can we do regular fishing and webfoot octopus fishing on the same boat? No. That’s not possible. This is because the fishing method and the bait used are different, and above all, the fishing points are different. Rockfish? Webfoot octopus? Now, you have a happy worry.

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Rockfish vs. webfoot octopus, what is your choice?

For regular fishing, points are set between Incheondaegyo Bridge and Palmido Island. The bait is a live lugworm and sliced raw squid. If you put the two baits on each needle and attach a pendulum to push them into the sea, the preparation for fishing is over. The trick here is to fix the reel by turning it about two times after the fishing plumb touches the floor. The reason why the bait is located about 30cm from the floor is that the target rockfish or spotty belly greenling catches food at this depth.

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In general fishing, it is important to quickly judge whether the movement of the fishing rod is due to the current or the bite. It's not easy for beginners, but if you experience a few bites, you'll start to see that small difference. To put it simply, is there a difference between regular and irregular? It is rare for fish to snap at the bait, so the key point is to accurately judge the bite and snatch it quickly.

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Webfoot octopus fishing has a different point than regular fishing. It goes down to near Yeongheungdo Island, not Incheondaegyo Bridge or Palmido Island. The bait uses two model baits called Egi and Eja. Egi looks like a fish, and Eja looks like a webfoot octopus. The biggest difference between regular fishing and webfoot octopus fishing is the fishing method. It is no different from regular fishing to start with a fishing line stretched to the bottom, but it is different from regular fishing that waits day and night for the bite. Webfoot octopus fishing requires you to pull the fishing rod slightly as if you were snatching it from the moment the fishing plumb touches the floor. At this time, it is important to keep the fishing line tight, and in the words of "Anglers", it is said that the fishing line must be tight to accurately feel that the webfoot octopus is on the fishing line. Every time you snatch a fishing rod, the Egi flutters in the water, and sometimes you can catch unexpected big fish such as cuttlefish.

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Regardless of general fishing and webfoot octopus fishing, tide time is the most important factor that affects situations where fishing is good and difficult on the day. Neap tide, which has a gentle current due to fewer tidal waves than spring tide, which has a fast current, is much more advantageous for fishing. Information on tide time can be found at Sea Time ( Put your webfoot octopus in a compressed plastic bag with fishing tackles and bait, and clean the fish such as rockfish and spotty belly greenling right on board and put them in an icebox. It costs about 3,000 won to clean the fish. You should never drink on board and wear a life jacket while sailing.

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