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A Bus Trip to Wolmido Island with Walking Tour

A Bus Trip to Wolmido Island 1

Wolmido Island was given its name because its shape resembles the tail (mi) of a half-moon (wol). It is located off the coast of Incheon, which is not far from Seoul, and is easily accessible via public transportation, making the island a popular destination among locals and foreign tourists. The seafood center along the seashore offers seasonal seafood, and Wolmi Theme Park, which boasts splendid scenery and a dazzling nightscape, makes it worthy of being nicknamed Korea’s Las Vegas.

A Bus Trip to Wolmido Island 2

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Incheon Bus No. 45
  • Songwol-dong Fairy Tale Village
  • Incheon Station
  • Wolmi Theme Park
    Wolmi Culture Street
  • Wolmido Bus Terminal
    (Wolmido–Yeongjongdo Wolmido Quay)

Songwol-dong Fairy Tale Village, a nostalgic space for childhood recollections

Songwol-dong Fairy Tale Village 1

The Songwol-dong Fairy Tale Village, which covers almost the entire area of Songwol-dong, was established in 2013 with the concept of classic children’s stories from around the world. When you enter the village, you will immediately see it’s the entrance without any signs. Familiar characters from children’s stories will welcome you everywhere along the alleyways, while walls and paved blocks decorated with pastel paint will make you feel like you’ve returned to your childhood. After passing an arched steel structure, you’ll first notice a giant Pinocchio doll. The village has various photo zones to take photos with fairy tale characters.

Songwol-dong Fairy Tale Village 2
Songwol-dong Fairy Tale Village 3

You can become a fairy tale character and take the best pictures here. This place stimulates your imagination and fantasy. The alleyways are filled with familiar characters from stories, such as The Little Mermaid by Hans Christian Andersen, Cinderella, and Snow White by The Brothers Grimm, all having happy endings. You can also create your own story without a fixed end depending on where you go and which alley you turn to. This is a place where Heungbu and Nolbu, as well as Terrapin and Rabbit, can live together. The Songwol-dong Fairy Tale Village is a charming place where all visitors, regardless of age, can have colorful dreams and a fantastic time.

Songwol-dong Fairy Tale Village 4
  • AddressSongwol-dong 3(sam)-ga, Jung-gu, Incheon
  • Phone No.+82-32-764-7494
  • Entrance FeeFree

Incheon Station (Chinatown), where you can experience Korea, China, and Japan at the same time!

Incheon Station (Chinatown) 1

One of the most famous attractions in Incheon that one cannot miss is Incheon’s Chinatown. This place has long been called a miniature China in Korea. In the past, it was known as the only place where you could get authentic Chinese food, but it has now become a popular tourist attraction and social media hotspot thanks to its diverse attractions, entertainment, and delicious cuisine.

Incheon Station (Chinatown) 2
Incheon Station (Chinatown) 3

When you get off at Incheon Station and enter Chinatown, the first thing that will catch your eye is a gate with a signboard that reads Junghwaga (Chinese Street). While walking along the street, you will find magnificent Chinese restaurants resembling palaces and the Three Kingdoms Mural Street, which reproduces famous scenes from the Romance of the Three Kingdoms in murals. For only KRW 1,000, the Jajangmyeon Museum offers visitors an opportunity to discover the history of jajangmyeon, or noodles in black bean sauce, the first food that comes to mind whenever people think of Incheon’s Chinatown.

Incheon Station (Chinatown) 4
Incheon Station (Chinatown) 5

If you’ve enjoyed China’s atmosphere, why not head for Gaehangjang Street next to Chinatown? While Chinatown is filled with Chinese culture, Gaehangjang Street is a Japanese-style street where you can explore local history from the late Joseon period to the Japanese occupation at a glance. In contrast to neighboring Chinatown’s energetic and busy atmosphere, Gaehangjang Street is relatively relaxed and tranquil. Its many coffee shops and restaurants are remodeled modern buildings and old houses built in the late 1800s, attracting customers with their past traces.

Incheon Station (Chinatown) 6
Incheon Station (Chinatown) 7
Incheon Station (Chinatown) 8
  • Address12-17, Chinatown-ro 26beon-gil, Jung-gu, Incheon
  • Entrance FeeFree

Wolmi Theme Park, packed with thrilling attractions

Wolmi Theme Park 1
Wolmi Theme Park 2

If you take a city bus on Wolmido Island, most routes lead to Wolmi Theme Park and Wolmi Culture Street, as the park is the prominent landmark of Wolmido Island. If you get off the bus at the Wolmi Theme Park Stop, you will find the theme park right before you. Because you are so close to the park, you will naturally hear all the shouting from the Viking Ride, dropping rapidly from a great height, before you can say, "No, they’re going to drop me off this close?" The park is full of thrilling rides comparable to other large theme parks. The most popular attraction is the Tagada Disco which you can enjoy with the DJ’s witty talk. The ride is like a scene from a youth movie. You might find your strength and muscles have developed a bit after struggling not to fall from your seat.

Wolmi Theme Park 3
Wolmi Theme Park 4

If you leave behind the picturesque Ferris Wheel and continue to Wolmi Culture Street, you will find a monorail (Wolmi Sea Train) leisurely crossing Wolmido Island. Wolmi Culture Street has been redeveloped recently and now resembles a clean and sophisticated new urban area, possessing a different charm from Wolmi Theme Park and its retro sensibilities of "the year 2000 (Y2K)". Wolmi Theme Park and Wolmi Culture Street show their true qualities when the sun goes down and night falls. Amid colorful neon lights twinkling all night, you can enjoy the picturesque nightscape like a scene from a Broadway musical.

Wolmi Theme Park 5 Wolmi Theme Park 6
Wolmi Theme Park 7
Wolmi Theme Park 8
  • Address81, Wolmimunhwa-ro, Jung-gu, Incheon
  • Phone No. +82-32-761-0997
  • Entrance FeeChildren: KRW 5,000 / Adults: KRW 6,000 (for one-time use)

Yeongjongdo–Wolmido Quay, the last destination of the bus trip

Yeongjongdo–Wolmido Quay 1
Yeongjongdo–Wolmido Quay 2

The last stop of Bus no. 45 is Wolmido Quay, from which a ferry departs regularly for Yeongjongdo Island. This island is famous for being home to Incheon International Airport, the gateway to Korea. Although you can reach the island by land, you can also get there by boat and enjoy a sensibility that can be felt while crossing the sea along the waterway from Wolmido Quay. If you decide to take the ferry, checking the boat schedules to Yeongjongdo Island is recommended. The first and last sailing hours differ on weekdays, weekends, and public holidays. If you are not planning to go all the way to Yeongjongdo Island, you can refresh your tired body and mind while admiring the vast sea and port after a long day in the city. Time flies very quickly when you’re admiring the refreshing landscape and beautiful sunset over the sea amid the raucous cries of the seagulls who are accustomed to the taste of shrimp crackers fed by people. In the meantime, you can take advantage of the simple recreational facilities near the dock or have snacks on the street.

Yeongjongdo–Wolmido Quay 3
Yeongjongdo–Wolmido Quay 4
  • AddressTourist Information Center, 36, Wolmimunhwa-ro, Jung-gu, Incheon
  • Entrance FeeTo Yeongjongdo Island, Adults: KRW 3,500, Seniors: KRW 2,000, Students: KRW 1,500, Children: KRW 1,000
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