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Interesting Goods Shops in Incheon

Incheon Beer

Even if the memories of the trip fade away, the products you bought will remain with you, so one of the small pleasures of traveling is browsing through interesting “goods” (special products launched by a specific brand). Various merchandise based on the affection for the region become your favorite items that stimulate the desire to own them. There are a variety of goods shops in Incheon that offer unique local products, such as craft beer available only in Incheon, SSG Landers’ uniforms that are essential for baseball fans, a gift set of Ganghwado Island’s specialties, and many others.

Incheon Beer

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The Incheon Brewery, the pride of Incheon, is the only craft beer brewery in the region and Incheon’s own beer brand. Because the brewery wants to brew beer with a distinct local color, they only distribute and sell their products within the area. Its primary brand is “Gaehangro Lager,” characterized by its smooth and mild yet refreshing taste with an herbal scent finish. The beer resulted from a collaboration with the Gaehangro Project, a merchants’ gathering on Gaehangro Street to regenerate the urban area. The Incheon Brewery produces more than ten types of beer, such as Pado (golden ale), Sab-Zak (India pale ale [IPA]), and Banana White (wheat beer), as well as Gaehangro Lager. In addition, the Incheon Brewery offers excellent souvenirs in the lobby. Regardless of the type, they all have a retro and rustic feel. The goods shop offers beer items such as Gaehangro Lager and its special glass, a beer gift set composed of beer and beer glass, and a variety of the brand’s unique items, such as stickers and eco-bags with the Incheon Brewery logo printed on them.

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Incheon Beer 2
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Incheon Beer 4
Incheon Beer 5


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Podium126 is a cultural space promoting the charms of Incheon’s original downtown. The name reveals its ambition to make Incheon a regional base, as it is a compound word of “podium,” meaning space for culture and commerce, and “126,” a part of the longitude and latitude numbers of Incheon. The space only opened in September 2022, but the history of the building spans over 100 years. The modern architecture built in the 1920s was transformed into its current form by “In the Local,” the Incheon youth cooperative. This two-story building consists of a select shop and a café on the first floor and a communal work office on the second. Its cozy select shop introduces various souvenir items made by Incheon’s creators and Incheon-related books. The shop is packed with sentimental goods related to Incheon, such as postcards, stickers, and masking tapes depicting Incheon’s scenery, metal badges with modern designs of modern buildings at an open port, pencils with inscriptions of Incheon’s slogan, and office items.

Podium126 1
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Jindalrae Island

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There is a small but mighty shop in Ganghwado, by Ganghwado, for Ganghwado. The Jindalrae Island souvenir shop produces and sells goods that reflect the beauty of Ganghwado Island. The manager, a native of Ganghwado, discovers local stories from small stores, workshops, and residents in the area and collects and introduces items unique to Ganghwado Island. The shop’s name, “Jindalrae,” referring to the azaleas that decorate the entire mountain in Ganghwado Island to signal the arrival of spring, shows its aspiration to introduce local stories to many people. Because of that, every inch of the shop space and item is filled with love for the region. The shop offers interesting souvenirs, such as a sedge griptok; stationery like stickers to decorate a diary; a gift set of local specialties including turnip, mugwort tea, and cotton fabric towel; and Soyo Mugwort Soda, a local craft soda made with organic mugwort of Ganghwado Island. These souvenirs help tourists cherish their trip to Ganghwado Island for a long time.

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SSG Goods Shop, Landers Field Branch

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Based in Incheon, SSG Landers won the 2022 KBO Korean Series. SSG Landers is the first Incheon-based team to mobilize the largest number of spectators in the KBO League and the first team to win wire-to-wire (maintained the lead during an entire competition) in Korean professional baseball history. The Incheon SSG Landers Field, the SSG Landers home stadium, has two goods shops that the fans should not overlook. The shop to the left of a Starbucks near the first base ticket office requires customers to present their game tickets to enter. It mainly sells the team’s original goods, including the players’ uniforms and cheering paraphernalia. On the other hand, the shop at the outfield entrance next to Gate No. 7 does not require a ticket to enter. In addition to the team’s basic goods, such as uniforms, the shop also sells a wide range of other products, including blankets, stationery, electronic devices, golf equipment, and dog goods.

SSG Goods Shop 1
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