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For the Upcoming Summer, a Family Incheon Tour Packed with Unique Entertainment

Family Incheon Tour1

Incheon is like a color palette with diverse colors. Every month and season, and depending on travel companions, visitors can come up with dozens of unique travel plans. In May, there are many options for trips packed with hands-on experiences that will strengthen your family bond. Harvest sweet strawberries, enjoy a culinary tour at Sinpo International Market with an incredible variety of foods, enjoy the freedom of sailing on the sea on Hyundai Yachts, and finish the day at Songdo Central Park, which offers charming sunset views and nightscapes. Let’s begin the family Incheon Tour packed with joy and entertainment!

Family Incheon Tour2

  • Strawberry Day
  • Sinpo International Market
  • Hyundai Yachts
  • Songdo Central Park
Family Incheon Tour3

A day full of strawberries for our sweet family

At Strawberry Day farm in Namong-gu, Incheon, visitors can enjoy the strawberry harvest program from December to May. This farm focuses on strawberry-picking programs rather than commercial sales so that you can enjoy a pleasant day with clean facilities and delightful and fragrant strawberries. Learn the basics and precautions of strawberry picking before starting the program. You can easily pick strawberries by holding the strawberry with your forefinger and middle finger and snapping the stem lightly. Take photos while plucking your strawberries; you’ll realize your bucket is full before you know it. Hand-picked strawberries can be tasted immediately after washing them in the farm’s sink.

Strawberry Day1
Strawberry Day2

The kids’ zone floor is covered with faux grass, packed with a sandbox, a trampoline, an air bounce, and a magnetic blackboard. The most popular facility is indeed the sandbox. One of the kids’ favorite programs is where you can make a freshly picked strawberries-packed cake or ice cream with crushed fresh strawberries.

Strawberry Day3
Strawberry Day4
Strawberry Day5
Strawberry Day6
  • Address 477, Hogupo-ro, Namdong-gu, Incheon
  • Tel. No. +82-507-1449-1486
  • Opening Hours December–May, 10:00–16:00
  • Fees - Strawberry picking: KRW 50,000 (For 3 persons, 90 min), KRW 7,000 for every additional person,
    - Cake-making: KRW 30,000, Ice cream–making: KRW 15,000

Sinpo International Market, packed with delicious food stalls such as deep-fried and braised chicken, mandu, spicy chewy noodles, etc.

The number one destination for culinary tours in Incheon is Sinpo International Market, the first modern permanent marketplace of Incheon with more than a century-long history. The market hosts about 170 stores tightly packed together. The market is lined with popular foods such as deep-fried and braised chicken, mandu (dumplings), egg tarts, twisted donuts, honeyed hollow fried pastry, and more.

Sinpo International Market1

The first thing you need to try is deep-fried and braised chicken. Sinpo Dakgangjeong serves bite-sized crispy fried chicken pieces rolled in spicy sauce, and it’s so popular that there are long queues on weekends because people want to taste this delicacy. Fried chicken pieces are served right after being rolled in the special sauce in a massive cast iron pot.

Sinpo International Market2
Sinpo International Market3

The second delicacy is Sinpo Uri Mandu, which opened in 1971. Dumplings stuffed with ingredients and spicy chewy noodles are its signature menus that have maintained their original flavors. It is known as the birthplace of spicy chewy noodles, which are slightly thicker than typical chewy noodles, and the delicious sauce. The “deep-fried mandu and vegetables in spicy sauce” that you cannot find anywhere else are highly recommended.

Sinpo International Market4
Sinpo International Market5

Looking for dessert? Then how about going to Tartya, a café introduced on “Amazing Saturday,” an entertainment program on tvN? The place offers thick and creamy original egg tarts and various others like cream cheese, apple cinnamon, and chocolate tarts. Other than that, the market is packed with various foods that make you stop and pay attention, such as handmade snacks, braised pigs’ feet, fishcakes, twisted donuts, honeyed hollow fried pastries, side dishes, and more. Deungdae Park has a red lighthouse standing in the center of the alleyway and is a great photo spot, so don’t miss out.

Sinpo International Market6
Sinpo International Market7
Sinpo International Market8
  • Address 25-1, Uhyeon-ro 45beon-gil, Jung-gu, Incheon (Sinpo International Market Support Center)
  • Opening Hours Varies by store

Hyundai Yachts, romantic sailing on the Yellow Sea

“New freedom starting from the end of a path.” It’s a phrase you can find at Hyundai Yachts Incheon branch. You begin a new journey on a yacht at the end of the path where you park your car. At Wangsan Marina at Yeongjongdo Island, you can enjoy a romantic ride on the sea.

Hyundai Yachts1
Hyundai Yachts2

Hyundai Yachts operates a 34-foot sailing yacht, the Cosmos, and a 45-foot sailing yacht, the Holiday, daily. Both vessels can depart with more than two passengers. Today’s choice is the Holiday! Listen to the veteran captain’s greetings, yacht description, course information, and safety precautions as the boat slowly leaves the wharf. After 10 minutes, you head out into the sea, where the engine is stopped and the sail unfurled. When the sounds of the engine die out, you can listen to the sloshing waves and songs of the winds.

Hyundai Yachts3
Hyundai Yachts4

Sit or lie down on the bow, stretch your legs between railings, or hold onto the yacht’s steering wheel and take amazing photos as the captain directs you. Enjoy the deep tranquility and peacefulness as you stare at the sunset breaking into pieces on the waves created by the yacht. The program is not as expensive as you’d expect it to be, but it is infinitely satisfying.

Hyundai Yachts5
Hyundai Yachts6

Before or after the yacht experience, drive your car to the breakwater of Wangsan Marina for a brief picnic in the car. Enjoy the striking view of a vast lawn, long breakwater, impressive marina, and Hyundai Yachts’ Quay Cafe. It’s a relatively lesser-known sunset viewpoint and a perfect place to park your car for a brief picnic.

Hyundai Yachts7
Hyundai Yachts8
Hyundai Yachts9
  • Address 143, Wangsanmarina-gil, Jung-gu, Incheon
  • Opening Hours 10:00–18:00, departs at every hour (Except for 12:00, the last sailing time may change depending on the sunset time), closed on Mondays
  • Fees- The Cosmos (34-foot sailing yacht) General Operation (Sailing with other individuals): KRW 30,000 per person (Minimum 2 persons - maximum 8 persons, 40 min, 1 hr for sunset tours, KRW 50,000), Private Operation (Private tour, maximum 10 persons): 40 min, starting from KRW 240,000
    - the Holiday (45-foot sailing yacht) General Operation (Sailing with other individuals): KRW 40,000 (Minimum 2 persons - maximum 10 persons, 40 min, 1 hr for sunset tours, KRW 60,000), Private Operation (Private tour, maximum 10 persons) 40 min, starting from KRW 320,000

A romantic end of a day on moon boats and flower boats at Songdo Central Park

The last destination of the Family Incheon Tour is Songdo Central Park. It is the best place for strolls, runs, picnics, and to enjoy sunsets and nightscapes. It covers a large area, making it difficult for visitors to see it in one go. We recommend visitors start at the East Boat House near Sheraton Hotel, where many convenience facilities are clustered together.

Songdo Central Park1
Songdo Central Park2

Inside the park, you can find UN Plaza with picnic tables and an outdoor stage, the Art Space Tribowl with unique looks, and many other photo spots. If you want to see the panoramic view of the entire park, head to the Incheon Free Economic Zone (IFEZ) Promotion Center. The promotion center on the 33rd floor of the IFEZ building is surrounded by full glass windows on all four sides. You can enjoy the splendid sunset view over Incheondaegyo Bridge and the gleaming nightscape of Songdo Central Park.

Songdo Central Park3
Songdo Central Park4
Songdo Central Park5
Songdo Central Park6

There are many types of boats where you can enjoy a romantic ride at sunset or nighttime. Some popular choices are moon boats shaped like the crescent moon and flower boats that look like they jumped out of a fairy tale.

Songdo Central Park7
Songdo Central Park8
Songdo Central Park9
  • Address 175, Art center-daero, Yeonsu-gu, Incheon (IFEZ Promotion Center) / 160, Convensia-daero, Yeonsu-gu, Incheon (East Boat House)
  • Opening Hours - IFEZ Promotion Center: Tuesday–Friday from 10:00–18:00, weekends from 10:00–16:00, closed on Mondays
    - East Boat House: 9:00–21:00 (varies by season and weather)
  • Fees- IFEZ Promotion Center: Free entrance
    - Moon boat: KRW 39,000 (3 persons, 30 min), Flower boat: KRW 42,000 (3 adults + 1 preschool child, 30 min), Canoe/kayak: KRW 29,000 (2 persons)
※ The information above may have changed since the initial registration date. Be sure to check before you travel.