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Unique cafés in Incheon you shouldn’t miss out on

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If you plan to visit Incheon soon, please pay close attention because we’re introducing special cafés in the area that you will regret not visiting.


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ANCHOR 1883 1
ANCHOR 1883 2

Anchor 1883 is a café remodeled from a crab cold storage and a factory for boat supplies. The sandy beach–like floor, steel pillars, exposed ceiling, and snow-white parasols create a strange yet beautiful scene. As you enter Anchor 1883, you are welcomed by a sculpture of a northern white rhino, an endangered species.

ANCHOR 1883 3
ANCHOR 1883 4

Inside the café, a view of the blue ocean greets you. Table reflections on the floor make you feel like you’re floating on the sea. The place also hosts fascinating art exhibits. Anchor 1883 is where visitors can enjoy art exhibits while enjoying their beverages and desserts.

ANCHOR 1883 5

The number 1883 in its name represents the year Jemulpo Port opened, and the café also has some historical legacy tied to it. The second-floor outdoor sitting area offers a view of the Qing Chinese settlement’s masonry. The stairs leading up to the rooftop area are called Sabatin stairs. It is named after Afanasy Ivanovich Seredin-Sabatin, a Russian architect who entered the country when Jemulpo Port opened. Sabatin built key buildings of the port and Dongnimmun Gate. As you can see, the building hosted almost everything about Incheon in 1883.

ANCHOR 1883 6
ANCHOR 1883 7
ANCHOR 1883 8

After walking along a sandy beach and dipping in the sea, it’s time to relax in a tent or sun bed. Enjoy all features of Anchor 1883 on its rooftop, where the cool shade and gentle breeze cool you down. No vacation could be more perfect than this, with the café’s pastries and healthy vegan desserts baked fresh every morning.

ANCHOR 1883 9
ANCHOR 1883 10
  • Address 242, Jemullyang-ro, Jung-gu, Incheon
  • Tel. No. +82-507-1312-7365
  • Opening Hours Wednesday–Friday, 10:00–19:00 (Last order at 18:30), weekends 10:00–21:00 (Last order at 20:30), Monday–Tuesday closed

Cat Station Café

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Cat Station Café 1
Cat Station Café 2

The “#WhyDon’tIHaveACat” hashtag is popular among online cat lovers who don’t have their own cats. All online cat lovers who don’t have a cat to serve can gather at Cat Station Café to cry out “#IHaveACatToo” even for a day.

Cat Station Café 3
Cat Station Café 4

Though you’re worried about going the right way, you’re definitely on the right track. Open the gate, and you will be awestruck by the view of a whole new world. You will be greeted by 80 cats saying, “Oh, we got another hooman” on the green lawn.

Cat Station Café 5
Cat Station Café 6

Purchase a timed pass, and you become a “butler” with cats to serve. Buy treats from the shop and give them to the cats to earn their love, or pray for your wishes at the almighty cat temple.

Cat Station Café 7
Cat Station Café 8

The most iconic feature of this place, however, is the train. The café was built using scrap materials collected in the neighborhood and materials donated by the residents to the owner. The train was one of the donations and is now the café’s symbol. It represents the owner’s wishes to invite stray cats into the place with the train ride and offer them happy lives. Such a heart turned this place into a haven for cats and humans. Pat cats lying on the lawn and basking in the sun as if letting go of their dark past. You will find yourself not only patting a cat but your heart as well.

Cat Station Café 9
Cat Station Café 10
  • Address (Train) 25-75, Yeongheung-ro 251beon-gil, Yeongheung-myeon, Ongjin-gun, Incheon
  • Tel. No. +82-507-1332-5290

Floredo coffee

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Floredo coffee 1

What if you don’t need to hop onto a plane to escape to an exciting place? We introduce you to Floredo Coffee, where you can take amazing photos without a heavy suitcase and passport, as you may feel you are in Vietnam here.

Floredo coffee 2

Here are some tips that you must know before you arrive. On the day of your visit, search for “Yeongheungdo Island tide time.” The tide comes in at different times every day, so you can enjoy the best view if you arrive at the right time. Visitors can also enjoy blooming cherry blossoms from mid-April to the end of the same month. At night, round light bulbs are lit, adding splendid light to the cherry blossoms.

Floredo coffee 3
Floredo coffee 4

It’s not just another café with a great view. The menu has mouth-watering items, such as shaved ice with fresh mango and cheese, coconut smoothies that will take you to Vietnam, signature black sesame cream coffee, and pastries baked fresh every morning.

Floredo coffee 5
Floredo coffee 6
Floredo coffee 7
Floredo coffee 8

Designed like a vacation resort in Vietnam, this café is filled with rattan parasols and palm trees. The large pure-white tent in the backdrop adds to the clean and fresh vibe. Lie on the ocean-blue bean bags, and you can feel your mundane worries getting washed away by ocean waves.

  • Address 301, Yeongheung-ro, Yeongheung-myeon, Ongjin-gun, Incheon
  • Tel. No. +82-507-1325-4100
  • Opening Hours All year round, 9:00–21:00


#IntegratedCulturalSpace #ArtExhibition #Jazz #Bakery #Dining #YeongjongdoIsland


In Incheon, you must see the ocean, and this place is perfect for that. At the very edge of Yeongjongdo Island behind the airport is MADE林 (MADE Lim), a café with a thick forest.


Woods grow around a very unexpected area, a church. The building used to be a church built in the early 1900s, now renovated into a café. The stained glass on the building’s facade tells people what purpose it served years before. Colorful glass windows glow under the sun and moonlight, day and night.


MADE林 (MADE Lim) consists of one main building and two annex buildings. An annex, Heritage Hall, offers a paid deer-feeding program, and you can enjoy art exhibitions in another annex. Remember that you can get discounts with a receipt from the café.


The main building, Hall of The Forest, has a unique theme related to the forest on each floor, staying true to its name, “a place that made the forest (林, lim).” There is also a gigantic tree that cuts through this forest. The first basement floor is themed with the earth’s creation with tree roots, designed like a cave of prehuman times. On the first floor of the water and sky theme, the floor is reflected on the lit ceiling, rendering you awestruck.

MADE林 10
MADE林 11

The tree that towers from the first basement floor spreads its leaves on the second floor, the split level from the second floor, and the third floor. The second floor, the First Garden, and the third floor, the Space of Water and Sky, create a large forest together. A lush green forest, stepping stones under the bright light coming through the stained glass windows, and tables under the water create a mystic background for your photos.

MADE林 12

MADE林 (MADE Lim) also offers jazz performances and art exhibitions, aiming to create a space of culture. The café is also preparing to stage musical gala shows, so if you’re a musical fan, hurry up and schedule your visit to Yeongjongdo Island

MADE林 13
MADE林 14

Colored glass decorates the stairs for each floor according to their themes, so you can enjoy the splendors as you move up and down. However, after you pass through the rooftop to the top floor, you will find yourself in a white space called the Spire of Hope, made with 1,400 crystals.

After satisfying your eyes, ears, and mouth with lush greenery, impressive performances, and delicious food, it is now time to fill your soul in a clean and tranquil space. Look up to the sky and pray for your wishes. It will give you the strength to take the next step in your life.

  • Address 42, Yongyuseo-ro 479beon-gil, Jung-gu, Incheon
  • Tel. No. +82-507-1351-1904
  • Opening Hours Sunday–Monday, 10:00–21:30 (Last order at 20:00)
※ The information above may have changed since the initial registration date. Be sure to check before you travel.