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Are You Having a Healthy Trip? Embark on a Wellness Trip in Incheon

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Embark on a Wellness Trip in Incheon 1

Wellness travel is all the rage these days, focusing on health, happiness, and overall well-being to create the perfect getaway. It is fundamentally different from any other exhausting trip for proof shots. Experience a delightful healing picnic in Incheon’s wellness tour spots, where you can find natural healing just by being there.

Mr. Tom’s Tree House

Tom’s Tree House 1
Tom’s Tree House 2
Tom’s Tree House 3

Step into the fairy-tale world of Mr. Tom’s Tree House, an enchanting space for forest picnics and relaxation. The tree houses perched high in the trees resemble nests and serve as iconic landmarks. With names like “Moon House” or “Yawning Tyrannosaurus,” these 5 m2 tree houses each have unique shapes. In total, you’ll find eight tree houses and two log cabins for your stay.

Tom’s Tree House 4
Tom’s Tree House 5
Tom’s Tree House 6
Tom’s Tree House 7

The forest playground, shaped by the natural topography of the forest, is a kids’ favorite. It offers a variety of unique play areas, including a zip line resembling a witch’s broom, a 2:1 seesaw, and a cobweb made of ropes to spark children’s imaginations. All play facilities, except for the slide, are crafted from trees. Visitors can also enjoy a popular workshop where they can create puppies, deer, or name telegraphy with materials obtained from the forest. Every evening at 18:00, a bonfire program by the workshop ignites, offering an hour of roasting and savoring rice cake sticks and marshmallows.

  • Address 14-32, Haeannam-ro 1998beon-gil, Hwado-myeon, Ganghwa-gun, Incheon
  • Tel. No. +82-507-1327-0306
  • Opening Hours Closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays
  • Web Page

Seokmo Island Arboretum

Seokmo Island Arboretum 1
Seokmo Island Arboretum 2
Seokmo Island Arboretum 3

Nestled at the base of Nakgasan Mountain, Seokmo Island Arboretum provides breathtaking views of Ganghwa’s coastal waters. With 12 themed zones, including an ecological experience area, alpine wetland zone, rock garden, exhibition greenhouse, and about 140,000 plants and 1,176 species, this arboretum is a true botanical wonder. The main course starts from the forest information center, passing through the ecological experience and seedling zones. It takes 1.4 km from the forest information center to the seedling zone, so you can explore the entire area within an hour by strolling. The trail consists of a forest path with palm tree mats and decks, and a rest zone with air-conditioning and a drinking water fountain is also available around the ecological experience zone.

Seokmo Island Arboretum 4
Seokmo Island Arboretum 5

At Seokmo Island Arboretum, you can partake in forest guidance and children’s forest experience programs. The forest guidance program, led by an expert forest guide, offers insights into the origin and characteristics of trees. It runs in the morning (10:00–11:30) and afternoon (15:00–16:30) with a maximum of 30 participants. Additionally, there’s a children’s forest experience program for children over five years, featuring a forest guide and handicraft sessions. The arboretum entry fee, forest guide program, and children’s forest experience are all free of charge.

  • Address 161, Samsanbuk-ro 449beon-gil, Samsan-myeon, Ganghwa-gun, Incheon
  • Tel. No. +82-32-932-5432
  • Opening Hours Closed on New Year’s Day, Seollal, and Chuseok
  • Fees Free of charge
  • Web Page

Trini Yoga & Singing Bowl

Yoga & Singing Bowl 1
Yoga & Singing Bowl 2

At Trini Yoga & Singing Bowl, you can unwind your body and mind through yoga and singing bowl meditation. In addition to the regular daily yoga sessions held every Monday and Thursday, various other programs are available. Among them, “Travel Yoga” is the signature wellness program that allows you to practice yoga amid the serene natural surroundings of Yeongjongdo Island at daybreak. It takes place at popular tourist spots on the island, such as Seonbawi and Yedan Port. Alongside yoga and singing bowl meditation, you can savor some tea, engage in friendly conversations, and participate in beach plogging.

Yoga & Singing Bowl 3
Yoga & Singing Bowl 4
Yoga & Singing Bowl 5

If you are interested in a vegan diet, it is recommended to partake in programs such as “Yoga Brunch” or “Study for Healthy Vegetable Cooking.” The “Half-day Retreat,” with new themes for each session, offers a unique yoga experience with mental health discussions. These programs, apart from regular yoga sessions, run one to two times a month. Detailed schedules and contents can be found on the website during the last week of each month. To join any of the programs at Trini Yoga & Singing Bowl, reservations are necessary via phone.

  • Address 27, Baegulloan-gil, Jung-gu, Incheon
  • Tel. No. +82-70-8098-5221
  • Opening Hours Regular yoga sessions 09:30–10:30, every Monday and Thursday / May vary for other programs
  • Web Page

Choyeon Museum

Choyeon Museum 1
Choyeon Museum 2

Choyeon Museum is dedicated to preserving and promoting Korea’s traditional tea culture. The museum houses a rich collection of tea utensils, including teacups, teapots, and teaspoons, showcasing both Eastern and Western styles. Special exhibitions held two to three times a year add to the museum’s charm.

Choyeon Museum 3 Choyeon Museum 4
Choyeon Museum 5
Choyeon Museum 6
Choyeon Museum 7

It was originally an old colonial Japanese house, so it has a unique atmosphere. The first floor serves as an exhibition area, while the second features spaces for exhibitions, experiences, and education. Along with the long-term education program to promote specialists, they offer one-day classes, including “Making Tea Confectionery & Tea Etiquette (KRW 30,000/person)” and “Making a Teacup Holder (KRW 18,000/person).” If you plan to visit the museum or participate in the experiential programs, it is essential to book your spot in advance via phone.

  • Address 8-1, Sinpo-ro 39beon-gil, Jung-gu, Incheon
  • Tel. No. +82-32-772-9779
  • Opening Hours Closed on Mondays and Saturdays
  • Fees Adults: KRW 3,000, Students: KRW 1,000, prices may vary per program
  • Web Page
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