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Ride on two wheels along Incheon’s Ara Bicycle Path

Ara Waterway on a bicycle 01

Incheon is a perfect place for a bicycle trip. Bicycle paths weave through the city like cobwebs. The best among them has to be the Ara Bicycle Path. Bicycle paths that line the Ara Waterway offer two similar yet different sceneries to cyclists, proving to be quite popular throughout the four seasons.

Ara Waterway on a bicycle

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Ara Bicycle Path connects Jeongseojin’s 633 Square in front of the Ara West Sea Lock to the Pangaemok Rest Area near Ara Hangang Lock. There are two paths, one on each side of the Ara Waterway, amounting to about 20 km each in length. That means that if one cycles at an average rate (20 km/h), one can make a round-trip in two hours.

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Most bicycle paths are flat and have amenities like chairs, pavilions, observation decks, and restrooms, so even beginners can enjoy the path. However, note that the area at the end of the paths has the Incheon and Gimpo Terminal Logistics Complexes, so you must be careful as you ride in these areas. Bicycle-only paths begin at the area below Cheongungyo Bridge if you are starting from Ara West Sea Lock (633 Square). Meanwhile, if you are starting from the Ara Hangang River Lock (Pangaemok Rest Area), the path begins from the area below Hanagyo Bridge.

Let’s go! Completing the Ara Bicycle Path

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Ara Bicycle Path supports various itineraries for cyclists. If your goal is to complete the path, it is recommended that you begin your journey from the 633 Square in front of Ara West Sea Lock, thanks to the abundance of parking spots nearby. Pangaemok Rest Area has fewer parking spots and is also more difficult to reach using public transportation. The name of the square, “633,” is named after the length of the country-wide bicycle path that connects Jeongseojin and Busan, 633,000 m.

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Before you start, however, don’t forget to check out the Jeongseojin area. The tidal flat below the Yeongjongdaegyo Bridge and the Sunset Bell in front of Ara Tower are worthy sights. In particular, the Ara Tower observatory (opening hours 06:00-21:00), which offers an expansive view of the Jeongseojin area, is a must-visit site. The entrance to Ara Tower has bicycle locks. If you want more information on the Ara Bicycle Path, refer to the brochure about Ara Waterway in the Incheon Tourist Information Center in front of Ara Tower.

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A round-trip course from the 633 Square follows the southern path of the Ara Bicycle Path. This path takes you along the West Sea 5 Islands Marine Product Complex Culture Center, Sicheon Riverside, and the Waterway Sculpture Park. The only drawback of this path is that if you want to see the Aramaru Observatory and Ara Falls, the landmarks of Ara Waterway, you have to see them from the observatory across the river. If you don’t like that idea, there is another way: you can simply cross the Sicheongyo Bridge to the northern path. But if you do so, you must return to the southern path at the next bridge down the path, Gyeyangdaegyo Bridge, to reach the Pangaemok Rest Area. Follow the northern path to Ara Marina, near Ara Gimpo Passenger Terminal.

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There are 11 bridges over the Ara Waterway. Still, only two bridges have elevators or incline paths that allow cyclists to enter the bridge right away from the bike path: Cheongungyo and Sicheongyo Bridges, located near Incheon.

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A tip? If you decide to head to Ara Gimpo Passenger Terminal from Gyeyangdaegyo Bridge, you can take a ferry there. The ferry departs from Ara Gimpo Passenger Terminal twice a day (11:00, 15:40 / 13:00 in December). It takes 90 minutes for the ferry to make a round-trip with a fare of KRW 25,000 per adult. Your bicycles can be locked safely to bicycle locks nearby.

The most optimal itinerary for your Ara Bicycle Path trip

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If you don’t want the full experience, it is best to start from Gyeyang Station. After all, it is served by AREX and has plenty of parking spots nearby. AREX allows eight bicycles per train on weekends and legal holidays and four per designated car (Cars 1 and 6). You can make a reservation on AREX’s web page (

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If you are starting from Gyeyang Station, we recommend heading along the southern path from Gyulhyeon Plaza to Jeongseojin’s 633 Square and then going over the Cheongungyo Bridge to the northern path and returning to Gyeyangdaegyo Bridge. This 28 km—long itinerary takes you along all the famous sights of Ara Waterway, such as Sicheon Riverside, Jeongseojin, Aramaru Observatory, and Ara Falls. Of course, you can adapt the itinerary according to your preferences.

Ara Bicycle Path has been a favorite place for both expert cyclists and the general public, but as of November 2023, bicycle rentals will no longer be available at six locations, including Gimpo Terminal, Gyeyangnaru, Sicheonnaru, and Incheon Terminal.

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