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Four Christmas cafés that feel like gifts from Santa Claus

Four Christmas cafés that feel like gifts from Santa Claus

December is a time at the intersection between the sadness of seeing the bygone days and hopes for the new days to come. The end of the year is a period where regret and anxiety coexist, but nevertheless, many look forward to the Christmas season. Department stores, supermarkets, and shops begin to deck themselves out in holiday ambiance, the streets are adorned with ornaments and trees, and the colors of red and green bring the spirit of Christmas to the world. Cafés are no exception to this. They provide Christmas-themed photo areas for creating fond memories and spaces where you can engage in conversations while reviewing the year. Notably, these cafés provide romantic moments for lovers. Here are four cafés in Incheon where you can truly sense the anticipation of Christmas, as if receiving gifts from Santa Claus.

A picture out of fairy tales / Margaret Mansion

Margaret Mansion 01

Guwol-dong, Namdong-gu, stands out as one of Incheon’s most popular commercial districts. It is home to Gwollidan Street and filled with beautiful cafés, making it a popular hangout for the locals. One such Gwollidan café is Margaret Mansion, a two-story building situated in an alley renowned for its rooftop space. In addition to the Christmas season, it is also a sought-after spot for photos, given its delightful decoration with cute props.

Margaret Mansion 02
마Margaret Mansion 03

Margaret Mansion was a shop that specialized in indoor decorations. Specifically, it specialized in antique props imported from overseas until April 2022, when it reopened as a café in a two-story house. Its history has earned it a reputation as a popular hangout spot on Gwollidan Street.

Margaret Mansion 04
Margaret Mansion 05

Margaret Mansion becomes even more enchanting in winter as it adorns itself with Christmas decorations starting in early November. A large tree adorned with pretty ornaments, red and green plaid fabrics evoking the spirit of winter, and a cozy fireplace with rustic white brick create an inviting photo area. On weekends, it is not unusual to find a waiting list for entry into the café. Given how popular this place is, a bit of a wait is to be expected. However, one can wait with anticipation, just as the café suggests. Moreover, your patience is rewarded with seasonal desserts that capture the essence of Christmas.

Margaret Mansion 06
Margaret Mansion 07

This year’s special desserts in Margaret Mansion are cute gingerbread cookies and stollen. Stollen, a traditional German trait, is savored daily during Advent as families eagerly await Christmas. It features nuts and dried fruits, which impart an intense flavor to the confection.

Margaret Mansion 08
  • Address 2nd floor, 10-12, Inha-ro 511beon-gil, Namdong-gu, Incheo
  • Tel. No. +82-507-1482-2702
  • Opening Hours MON–SAT 12:00–23:00, SUN 12:00–22:00, pet dogs are allowed on the premises
  • Web Page

Every day is Christmas! / Cafe Reddish

Cafe Reddish 01

If Gwollidan Street symbolizes Guwol-dong, Cheongnidan Street symbolizes Galsan-dong of Bupyeong. Cheongnidan Street is likewise filled with several restaurants and cafés, and Cafe Reddish stands out among them. This is because the café exudes a Christmas spirit year-round, evident even from its exterior.

Cafe Reddish 02
Cafe Reddish 03

Christmas in the height of summer is delightful in itself, but Cafe Reddish’s true value lies in winter. Right from the entrance, it becomes apparent that the café’s numerous photo areas are better suited for creating a cozy ambiance with thick coats, scarves, and gloves rather than shorts or t-shirts.

Cafe Reddish 04
Cafe Reddish 05

Cafe Reddish has three spaces in total: one underground, one above-ground, and one terrace. Open the green doors to find an interior adorned with wood. The ambiance is calm and warm, with a large Christmas tree and toy soldiers that evoke the familiar spirit of Christmas.

Cafe Reddish 06
Cafe Reddish 07

However, that’s not the main photo area; descend to the underground floor to discover the true photo spot. One wall is decorated with green floral wallpapers, a sizable white fireplace model, and an arrangement of stylishly placed small and large picture frames. Adjacent to it is a green Christmas tree adorned with a variety of ornaments; in front of the fireplace, a large teddy bear occupies a rocking chair.

Cafe Reddish 08

The photo area in the terrace outside is equally unmissable. Small and large Christmas trees cluster on gravel-lined floors. The addition of wooden tables and chairs allows the visitors to linger and fully enjoy the outdoor space. In addition to beverages, there is a wide selection of desserts, ranging from scones and cookies to madeleines, cakes, and tarts.

  • Address 20, Jubuto-ro 145beon-gil, Bupyeong-gu, Incheon
  • Tel. No. +82-507-1477-3928
  • Opening Hours MON–SAT 11:30–22:00, SUN 11:30–21:00, pet are dogs allowed on the terrace
  • Web Page

A secret hangout like a treasure trove / Cafe ㅂㅁ (Cafe BM)

Cafe ㅂㅁ (Cafe BM) 01

Discover a unique gem tucked away in a residential alleyway in Imhak-dong: Cafe ㅂㅁ, a café named after two Korean consonants found in the words “treasure” (bomul: 보물) and “secret” (bimil: 비밀). The café occupies a renovated red brick house, and its comfortable and cozy ambiance is evident from its appearance.

Cafe ㅂㅁ (Cafe BM) 02
Cafe ㅂㅁ (Cafe BM) 03

When you enter the café, you find something that will make you ponder right away: a series of Korean consonants, reading ㅂㅁㅎㅈㅅㅅ ㄳㅎㄴㄷ. The answer to this riddle is “thank you for visiting” (bangmunhaejusyeoseo gamsahamnida: 방문해주셔서 감사합니다).

Cafe ㅂㅁ (Cafe BM) 04
Cafe ㅂㅁ (Cafe BM) 05

Leave the mystery behind and enter the interior to find a picturesque European-style interior. The first floor is furnished with wood, while the second floor offers a great view of the window outside. There is even a rooftop terrace, which houses a photo area with a large Christmas tree during the holiday season.

Cafe ㅂㅁ (Cafe BM) 06
Cafe ㅂㅁ (Cafe BM) 07

The interior may appear homely and unassuming when compared to others, but the European atmosphere of the café makes the Christmas ambiance sweeter. Warm yellow lights add more charm to pictures taken inside.

Cafe ㅂㅁ (Cafe BM) 08

Cafe ㅂㅁ is also known for its milk pudding, which was recognized by a restaurant review group comprising Gyeyang-gu residents in 2022. Other signature menus include the ㅂㅁ latte and ㅂㅁ Viennese coffee.

  • Address 3, Imhakdong-ro 56beon-gil, Gyeyang-gu, Incheon
  • Tel. No. +82-507-1345-2396
  • Opening Hours Every day 11:00–23:00, pet dogs are allowed on the premises
  • Web Page

Three generations of Christmas celebrations / Bakery Cafe Now Here

Bakery Cafe Now Here 01

When in Unnam-dong, Yeongjongdo Island, one can find a stylish building that resembles an art gallery or an exhibition space. It is the Bakery Cafe “Now Here.” Now Here is created as a space for everyone to enjoy and find happiness. This means that the café is well-equipped with amenities, from lactation rooms to barrier-free and family restrooms.

Bakery Cafe Now Here 02
Bakery Cafe Now Here 03
Bakery Cafe Now Here 04
Bakery Cafe Now Here 05

In keeping with its distinctive appearance, the café also hosts art exhibitions. The exhibitions feature both traditional and contemporary art, as well as exhibitions on special themes.

Bakery Cafe Now Here 06

Now Here is renowned for its expansive photo areas. During the Christmas season, in particular, the large Christmas tree, gift box-shaped mirror, colorful ornaments, and props such as Little Red Riding Hood make for special holiday photos. Because the interior space is so expansive, the photo areas themselves are large as well, providing the feeling of having a private studio for family photos. Each photo area boasts different themes, and the stylish interior allows you to assemble an entire Christmas album simply by touring the photo areas and the space itself.

Bakery Cafe Now Here 07
Bakery Cafe Now Here 08

Now Here is a bakery café, and it lives up to its name with baked goods such as croissants, Danish, scones, cannelés, and baguettes. Its most popular products are its seasonal cakes, which utilize seasonal fruits. This Christmas season, Now Here introduces three types of Christmas cakes made with strawberries. Call or send the café a direct message to set up a date for pick-up.

  • Address 40, Unnam-ro 82beon-gil, Jung-gu, Incheon
  • Tel. No. +82-507-1371-7870
  • Opening Hours 10:00–21:00, closed on the first Monday of the month, dogs are not allowed
  • Web Page
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