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Jump into the strawberry heaven! Feel the spring with strawberry desserts

Jump into the strawberry heaven! Feel the spring with strawberry desserts

Calling all strawberry lovers! While the spring flowers may not be in full bloom, strawberries, another springtime delight, are in full season. Here are three Incheon dessert cafés serving delectable and fancy desserts using strawberries in season.

Strawberry desserts perfect in flavor and presentation at the dessert cafe Star Sign


One cannot talk about the best dessert cafés of Incheon without mentioning Star Sign. In an age of fierce competition, where many cafés come up like mushrooms only to disappear without a trace, Star Sign is certainly notable for being a beloved destination for more than seven years.


The flagship menus of Star Sign are their specialty coffee and Basque-style cheesecake made with gourmet vanilla beans, but right now, the spotlight is on beverages and desserts made with strawberries. Whether it be shaved ice with fresh strawberry topping, strawberry croffle, strawberry latte with handmade strawberry preserves, or strawberry milk tea, all desserts impress with not only the flavors but also with presentation and the care involved in their preparation. Another good news for strawberry lovers is that starting this year, Star Sign will be offering strawberry menus throughout the year, for the café has signed a sourcing contract with a farm producing strawberries throughout the year to offer strawberry beverages and desserts made with fresh strawberries across the four seasons.

  • Address 29, Seongmal-ro, Namdong-gu, Incheon
  • Opening Hours12:00~23:00, Open all year round
  • Web Page

An unforgettable strawberry milk cake at Black Benjamin

Black Benjamin 01

A building with a sharp, angular roof stands between large restaurants in a residential district. It is easy to overlook the building, for its location is quite atypical of cafés. That gives Black Benjamin its uniquely secretive ambience, like a hangout that one must make up one’s mind to head there.

Black Benjamin 02

Black Benjamin is a small café run by a married couple. The café is organized according to the zero-waste principle to respect both humans and nature and welcomes children and companion animals with open arms. It offers a wide range of cakes and baked goods, but the signature menu that stands out among them is the strawberry milk cake. It is a delightful confection made with a slice of castella cake, fresh cream, and fresh strawberries.

Black Benjamin 03
Black Benjamin 04

Other desserts like black sesame and mugwort gâteau and Basque-style cheesecake are topped with strawberries for a tangy freshness. Desserts topped with strawberries will be offered until mid to late April. fterwards, strawberries will be replaced by other seasonal fruits.

  • Address 21, Cheongneung-daero 78beon-gil, Yeonsu-gu, Incheon
  • Opening Hours Wednesday–Saturday 11:00–20:00; Sunday 11:00–19:00; closed on Mondays and Tuesdays
  • Web Page

HELLO KITTY and strawberry buffet? Paradise at Paradise City!

HELLO KITTY and strawberry buffet 01
HELLO KITTY and strawberry buffet 02

Paradise City in Incheon is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the globally beloved character “Hello Kitty” with a strawberry-themed buffet at GARDEN By RAKU on the first floor of the hotel. For this event, the café transforms into a paradise for Hello Kitty fans, from a three-story Hello Kitty tower to large Hello Kitty balloons and dolls on tables. Everyone takes pictures before they eat here, so we recommend that you arrive at least 10 minutes before the start of your meal so that you can have time to take pictures of dishes in their full, undisturbed glory before you dine.

HELLO KITTY and strawberry buffet 03
HELLO KITTY and strawberry buffet 04

The buffet serves 23 types of strawberry desserts, from fresh strawberries to strawberry cakes, strawberry crepes, strawberry muesli, strawberry tiramisu, strawberry salad, and strawberry sandwiches. However, the highlight for Hello Kitty fans is the cakes inspired by the character. It is so lovely that actually enjoying the cake comes with a feeling of guilt. The flavor is delectable, combining the strawberry’s natural flavors with handmade cream and cake.

HELLO KITTY and strawberry buffet 05 HELLO KITTY and strawberry buffet 06

But this Hello Kitty strawberry buffet is much more than photogenic desserts; the buffet also serves meals like steak, garlic butter grilled shrimp, pasta, and meatballs. The sweet-and-savory flavors complement each other quite well, so visitor satisfaction has proved to be quite high.

HELLO KITTY and strawberry buffet 07

Another popular menu is the strawberry-themed Hello Kitty Afternoon Tea Set, which can be enjoyed at LOUNGE PARADISE, located next to the hotel lobby. While GARDEN By RAKU presents a bright and lively ambience with its strawberry buffet, LOUNGE PARADISE offers a calmer, more luxurious atmosphere, which is thus ideal for those who want to enjoy their Hello Kitty and strawberry-themed desserts in peace.

HELLO KITTY and strawberry buffet 08
HELLO KITTY and strawberry buffet 09

The Afternoon Tea Set includes beverages and bite-sized desserts arranged on a three-tier serving tray, ranging from strawberry bruschetta and scone to strawberry chocolate, strawberry mousse, and strawberry tiramisu. Visitors can choose between Hello Kitty Strawberry Latte, Chocolate Latte, coffee, or tea for beverages.

  • Address 186, Yeongjonghaeannam-ro 321beon-gil, Jung-gu, Incheon
  • Tel. No. Strawberry buffet +82-32-729-2080, Sunday part +82-32-729-2220
  • Opening Hours Strawberry buffet: Weekends and holidays; Saturday part 1 12:00–15:00, Sunday part 1 11:00–13:00, part 2 14:00–16:00
    Afternoon Tea Set (until May 31, 2024): Monday–Friday 12:00–18:00, Weekends 14:30–18:00
  • Notes Telephone reservation required for strawberry buffet; Afternoon Tea Set available on a first-come, first-served basis, with no reservation possible
  • Web Page
※ The information above may have changed since the initial registration date. Be sure to check before you travel.