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Three must-visit hangouts near Incheon International Airport

Three must-visit hangouts near Incheon International Airport 1

The way to Yeongjongdo Island is paved with anticipation because Yeongjongdo Island is the site of the Incheon International Airport, the gateway in and out of Korea, and the hangouts like hidden gems. Today, we bring you three new must-visit hangouts in Yeongjongdo Island for both domestic tourists and international visitors coming through Incheon International Airport alike.

Go to Yeongjongdo Island for whales? INSPIRE Entertainment Resort’s “Aurora”

INSPIRE Entertainment Resort’s 01
INSPIRE Entertainment Resort’s 02

The hottest place on Yeongjongdo Island right now, perhaps even in Korea, is the “INSPIRE Entertainment Resort,” which opened in early March. Like its name, INSPIRE Entertainment Resort offers plenty of entertainment opportunities alongside its accommodation. From Inspire Arena, the first multipurpose performance arena in Korea that hosted Maroon 5, the global pop rock band, to the massive indoor water park in a glass dome, one of the largest exclusive casinos for international visitors in Korea, and shopping and dining spaces.

INSPIRE Entertainment Resort’s 03
INSPIRE Entertainment Resort’s 04

Another space that has won much acclaim from the general public is the Aurora, which transforms into verdant and starlit forests with equal ease. Aurora is a 150 m-long immersive digital entertainment street realized by ultra-high-definition LED generating surreal imagery on the ceiling and the columns.

INSPIRE Entertainment Resort’s 05

The highlight of Aurora is the moment when the street turns into the sea, where whales and other sea life frolic. This three-minute-long “Under the Blue Land” show, held every 30 minutes from 8:30 a.m. to midnight, captivates the beholder into silence.

INSPIRE Entertainment Resort’s 06

Another popular spot is the Rotunda. The Rotunda is a massive circular hall that connects Aurora and the Inspire Arena. Its centerpiece, the Kinetic Chandelier, features 156 digital LED panels that can be manipulated individually, allowing them to move freely and create fantastic and flamboyant imagery. The show takes place every 15th and 45th minute from 9:00 a.m. to midnight.

INSPIRE Entertainment Resort’s 08
INSPIRE Entertainment Resort’s 09
INSPIRE Entertainment Resort’s 10

Don’t miss the artworks featuring six themes, such as space, light, time, and heart. These artworks, functioning as cultural spaces combining shopping, dining, and entertainment opportunities, can be found throughout the Inspire Mall. Their themes add another layer of fun to your visit.

[TIP] Look for a massive convenience store within the resort (CU Flagship Store)
This massive convenience store offers ramyeon, snacks, desserts, and other items for discerning visitors looking to sample the finest wares offered by Korean convenience stores. One can even find gift sets that make ideal souvenirs.

  • Address 127, Gonghangmunhwa-ro, Jung-gu, Incheon
  • Tel. No. +82-32-580-9000
  • Web Page

Visit the “Little Jeju” at Yedanpo Port

Yedanpo Port 01

The northern shore of Yeongjongdo Island is home to a dainty port called Yedanpo Port. Its name is said to originate from its use as a port delivering wedding presents to the king in the past, and the port lives up to that name in its beautiful and elegant scenery. At high tide, the water comes up to the entrance to the quay, so one feels as if standing in the middle of the sea. At low tide, glittering waves above the wide tidal flat captivate the beholder.

Yedanpo Port 02
Yedanpo Port 2 Yedanpo Port 3

A monument describing the history of Yedanpo Port can be found on the quay. According to the monument, “in the 1950s, the number of households in Yedanpo Port increased to 205, and at the height of fisheries business at the port, the number of ships in the port reached nearly 70.” Today’s Yedanpo Port is much smaller, so much so that it is difficult to imagine its heyday, but one can still find plenty of things to enjoy at the port. One can, for instance, enjoy fresh seafood and sliced raw fish at the clean and hygienic complex or take pictures at the photo area depicting the Greek island of Santorini at the lighthouse or with the port’s jangseung (village guardian), which has protected the port for ages.

Yedanpo Port 05
Yedanpo Port 06

Another must-visit site at Yedanpo Port is the Yedanpo Trail, which is responsible for Yedanpo Port’s reputation as a “little Jeju within Yeongjongdo Island.” Also known as Midan City Park Trail, this walking trail has become famous for its Jeju-like ambience among those in the know. Walk up the stairs from the quay to find the entrance to the trail. The trail takes you along the sea and provides a view of the famous islands of Incheon, such as Ganghwado, Sindo, and Sido Islands. If you time your visit right, you can even see the sunset out to the sea. The fact that Yedanpo Trail is quite short and easy to walk, only taking about 30 minutes round-trip from the quay to the observatory, makes it quite appealing for visitors strapped for time as well.

  • Address 2-10, Yedanpo 1-ro, Jung-gu, Incheon
  • Tel. No. +82-32-580-9000
  • Opening Hours 00:00~24:00

Find a slice of Europe in Estival

Estival 01

“Estival” is truly a gem well hidden in Yeongjongdo Island, located in a peaceful residential district just outside the Yedanpo Port. This grocery market, café, and wine bar brings the pastoral feel of Europe to Yeongjongdo Island.

Estival 02
Estival 03

Estival offers a selection of cheese, wine, sauces, crackers, and chocolates put together by the owner. If you find yourself puzzled by a product, ask the owner for information and recipes using the product. The shop also offers baguettes, ciabatta, and other baked goods made with natural yeast culture and organic flour. One can even put together cheese, ham, bread, and other items in the shop for your own charcuterie board.

Estival 04
Estival 05

Estival also offers meals, such as sandwiches and salads, utilizing seasonal ingredients, and a potato soup that is simmered down until it is rich. The signature menu of the shop is the homemade lasagna, made with homemade ragu and plenty of cheese. Another popular item is crème brûlée, which can be enjoyed by breaking its crispy sugar layer with a spoon.

  • Address 23, Midannewtown-ro 26beon-gil, Jung-gu, Incheon
  • Tel. No. +82-507-1344-8307
  • Opening Hours 10:00~21:00, Wednesdays and the last Monday and Tuesday of the month
  • Web Page
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