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Take This Road to the Mountaintop! Incheon Barrier-free Nanum Trail

Barrier-free Neulsolgil Park 01

Not everyone has equal access to the benefits of nature. What may seem like a short walk up a hill for those without mobility impairments could feel as daunting as climbing Mount Everest to people with mobility impairments. In Incheon, there is a piece of nature that welcomes everyone equally: The Mansusan Mountain Barrier-free Nanum Trail, which leads to the top of the 201m-high Mansusan Mountain, and the Cypress Forest Barrier-free Nanum Trail at Neulsolgil Park, where everyone can enjoy the benefits of forest bathing. After all, neither mountain climbing nor a walk in the forest should be inaccessible to anyone. In Incheon, this simple, yet profound truth comes to life.

Climb to the Mountaintop in a Wheelchair: Mansusan Mountain Barrier-free Nanum Trail

Mansusan Mountain Barrier-free Nanum Trail 01
    [Barrier-free Travel Tip!] Barrier-free Nanum Trail in Namdong-gu, Incheon
    The district of Namdong-gu has established Barrier-free Nanum Trails not only on Mansusan Mountain but also on Jangasan Mountain, at Neulsolgil Park, and in Incheon Grand Park. Together, these trails make up a 7.04km-long system of barrier-free trails.
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There are some places that may seem ordinary for some people, but, for others, have been previously inaccessible. One such place is mountains: they naturally have steep inclines, stony paths full of bumps and pebbles, and many staircases, all of which prevent wheelchair users from even considering mountain climbing. However, in Incheon, there is a hiking trail that is open to wheelchair users: the 2.75km-long Mansusan Mountain Barrier-free Nanum Trail in Mansu-dong, Namdong-gu.

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This trail has eliminated any stairs and paved the trail leading to the top of the 201m-high mountain with wooden decks. This allows those who may face difficulties in mobility―such as people with mobility impairments, seniors, people suffering from illnesses, pregnant women, and young children―to access the mountain. Opened in early 2022, it is known as the longest and highest among the 100 Barrier-free Nanum Trails in Korea.

Mansusan Mountain Barrier-free Nanum Trail 05

The trail not only breaks down barriers to mountaintops for those who were previously unable to access them but also offers thoughtful considerations for its users along the way. The decks that make up the trail are built with inclines of less than 8.3% and a width of 2 meters, allowing wheelchair users to move along the trail easily. The curvatures in the road are designed with obtuse angles to assist wheelchair users in turning. Other amenities include bumps to prevent falling, braille blocks, handrails, and electric wheelchair charging stations. These facilities ensure that everyone, from wheelchair users to seniors with joint problems, has equal access to safe and accessible mountain climbing. Visitors should note one thing: it is recommended to use the toilet before entering the trail.

Mansusan Mountain Barrier-free Nanum Trail 06
Mansusan Mountain Barrier-free Nanum Trail 07

The entrance to the Mansusan Mountain Barrier-free Nanum Trail consists of flat clay and concrete-paved roads. After about 520 meters, you’ll find polished wooden decked paths, making it smooth sailing from that point. There are no stairs to worry about, so for the next 35 minutes or so, you can immerse yourself in nature without concern. One interesting activity is looking for the “Eight Views of Mansu” along the hiking trail.

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Mansusan Mountain Barrier-free Nanum Trail 09

The third view, “Korean Pine Forest”, features lush Korean pine trees emitting phytoncide, while the fifth view, “View of Mansu-dong”, overlooks the Mansu-dong neighborhood, appearing like Lego blocks from a distance. The highlight, of course, is the eighth view, “View of Namdong-gu,” at the summit of the mountain, where the Barrier-free Observatory is located. This observatory offers a refreshingly open view of Incheon’s Namdong-gu district. On clear days, you can even see the Incheondaegyo Bridge far away.

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Mansusan Mountain Barrier-free Nanum Trail 11
  • Address1-4, Mansu-dong, Namdong-gu, Incheon
  • Tel. No.+82-32-453-2870(Managed by Park and Green Space Division, Namdong-gu Office)
  • Opening Hours00:00~24:00, Lights turn on after sunset~23:00

Cypress Forest Made Accessible to All: Neulsolgil Park

Barrier-free Neulsolgil Park 02
    [Barrier-free Travel Tip!] Accessible transportation
    One of the virtues of barrier-free tourist sites is their accessibility in terms of transportation. For Neulsolgil Park, public transportation users can enjoy a short, 15-minute walk from Exit 1 of Incheon Nonhyeon Station on the Suin–Bundang Line. Those who drive can use the park’s parking lot, which has dedicated spaces for drivers with disabilities, and the lack of bumps at the entrance means that wheelchairs can easily access the park from the parking lot.
Barrier-free Neulsolgil Park 03
Barrier-free Neulsolgil Park 04

Neulsolgil Park is a nature-friendly urban park near Namdong Industrial Complex in Nonhyeon-dong, Namdong-gu. This 560,000㎡ park offers many interesting sights, such as a sheep ranch, a lake, a Metasequoia forest, and a rose garden.

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Barrier-free Neulsolgil Park 06

For visitors with disabilities, the Cypress Forest Barrier-free Nanum Trail next to the sheep ranch is the recommended destination. This 1.7km-long, stairless trail is entirely built out of Korean wood and accessible to all. This makes the trail quite popular among a diverse group of visitors, from seniors to families with baby strollers and young children learning to walk.

Barrier-free Neulsolgil Park 06

The trail is wide enough for electric wheelchairs to pass, and its slope remains gentle throughout. Handrails on both sides of the trail assist with walking, and there are braille signs for visitors with visual impairments throughout the trail. The most charming aspect of this trail is its lush tree cover, which allows you to experience forest bathing similar to that in Gangwon’s mountains, but within an urban park. The experience of taking in the scenery, meeting the ever-greener trees of summer, and breathing in the pure air of the forest rejuvenates both body and mind. After about 10 minutes of walking, the trail leads you to a small observatory overlooking the park.

Barrier-free Neulsolgil Park 07

If you are with children, the forest playground further along the trail is a must-visit. The playground features observation decks shaped like bird nests, ziplines, and swings that bring children close to the forest, often echoing with their laughter. Another interesting activity for children is harvesting the leaves of black locust and arrowroot vines around the sheep ranch and feeding them to the sheep.

Barrier-free Neulsolgil Park 08
Barrier-free Neulsolgil Park 09

[TIP] Companion dogs
Neulsolgil Park allows companion dogs on the premises. There are designated waiting areas where companion dogs can be temporarily leashed between the entrance to the sheep ranch and the Cypress Forest Barrier-free Nanum Trail. Additionally, there is a box of dog waste bags available for use.

  • Address783 Aenggogae-ro, Namdong-gu, Incheon
  • Tel. No.+82-32-453-2857
  • Opening Hours00:00~24:00, Sheep ranch 10:00~16:00, The sheep ranch is closed on rainy days
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