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Incheon Tour Website Renewal Commemoration Quiz and Share Event

  • 2021.01.14
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Introducing Incheon Tour’s renewed foreign language homepage!

Visit the Incheon Tour English, Chinese, Japanese website

And if you take the quiz and share the event,

You will receive a random prize



■ How to participate ■

1. Visit the new Incheon Tour English, Chinese, and Japanese website. (EN) (CN) (JP)


2. Click on the banner on the homepage to go to the event page.


3. Take the quiz.


Q1. What is Incheon's representative tourism portal, where you can see various Incheon travel contents in English, Chinese, and Japanese?

  1) Incheon Tour 2) Incheon Island 3) Incheon Sea 4) Incheon Festival


Q2. Vote for the Incheon destination you want to visit!

1) Open Port/Chinatown 2) Wolmido 3) Songdo Central Park 4) Gyeongin Ara Waterway 5) Ganghwado Island 6) Incheon Island


4. Share the event on your social media channel(SNS).


5. In the event page comment section, leave the correct answer to the quiz and your SNS URL.


 ■ Notice ■


*You must complete both the quiz and share the event to participate!

*The prizes are subject to change.

*Please participate on the Incheon Tour Foreign Language website.


■ Schedule ■

Event schedule: 14th Jan ~ 28th Jan, 2021

Announcement of winners: 3rd Feb, 2021

* The winner announcement date is subject to change.

* Winners will be announced on the website.


■ Prizes ■

Winners would be contacted individually(32 winners per language)

 Winners would be required to send a consent to use of name, mobile phone number, email, and personal information.