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NEWTRO (Open Port Area) - ONE DAY -

Wolmido Sea Train
As one of the 100 Must-Visit Tourist Spots of Korea, chosen by the Korea Tourism Organization for 2019, the Wolmi Sea Train is Korea’s longest urban tourist monorail, circulating all around Wolmido, Incheon. Riding along the 6.1km course for a round trip, you can enjoy the view of the landscape of Wolmido and Incheon Inner Port, the West Sea, and even the far-off Incheon Bridge, making it one of Incheon’s masterpiece tourist attractions.
*Admission Fee (KRW)
Adult 8,000/ Student, Senior 6,000 / Children 5,000 / Disabled, National merit 4,000
Wolmi Park
As a ferocious battlefield during the Incheon Landing Operation, Wolmisan Mountain has been off-limits to the general public for the past 50 years. It has turned itself into a paradise for natural forests and wild animals, and Wolmi Park was established along its trails in 2001. Wolmi Park Observatory can be found at the top of the park, and visitors can walk there or use the Water Seal Shuttle Car. Standing at the observatory, visitors can see the downtown area of Incheon in addition to its beautiful scenery featuring Incheon Port, as well as the glow of the setting sun in the West Sea. Visitors can also tour the Traditional Korean Garden, established with the aim of reenacting the representative garden style of the Joseon Dynasty. The Museum of Korea Emigration History was built to honor the pioneering lives of Korean immigrants and pass their heritage down to their descendants in celebration of the 100th anniversary of immigration to the Americas.
Wolmi Culture Street
The streets along the coast of Wolmido started to form in 2006. They now make up ‘Korean Culture Street,’ frequently visited by many tourists. One of the highlights of Wolmi Culture Street is the graffiti art that has come to receive a certain degree or artistic appreciation. Though its distance is rather short distance, at 770 meters, the street nevertheless offers enough to capture pedestrians’ hearts for the wide open sea it sets out before them. As the ‘street for the youth’ representing Incheon, Wolmi Culture Street is a multi-themed street that includes elements of culture, art, performance, and a musical fountain ‘Water Screen,’ all in harmony.
Wolmido Cruise
Wolmido Cruise departs Wolmido to sail for a total of 1 hour and 20 minutes. It passes through Yeongjongdo Island and Yeongjong Bridge before turning back in front of the Ara Waterway Floodgate to enter Wolmido. Cruise riders can enjoy the beautiful sea of Incheon in addition to such diverse events as Russian ballet performances, circus performances, various other live performances and performances of Korean traditional music. A firework cruise sets sail on Saturdays, enabling visitors to appreciate a gorgeous display of fireworks every night.
Wolmi Theme Park (My Land)
Wolmi Theme Park is perfectly equipped with ‘major thrilling attractions,’ such as the Viking, and Ferris Wheel rides. Emerging as a tourist attraction for Incheon, the park has been featured on various broadcasts. It is wonderful to enjoy the romantic nightscape unique to Wolmido.
Wolmido Lighthouse Road (Appreciating of the glow of the setting sun)
Wolmido Lighthouse is only 9 meters tall, and as its name indicates, it helps ships entering or exiting Incheon Port with green lights projected toward the coastal sea of Wolmido from the north of Incheon Port Floodgate. As Wolmido Lighthouse Road leading to the lighthouse displays historical materials related to Incheon along its wooden floor trails, visitors can deepen their understanding about the maritime city of Incheon by reading up on historical facts as they walk. In addition, visitors can appreciate a clear view of the West Sea and the fantastic glow of the setting sun.
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